Hank Cunningham
Member since: Jun '05
Fixed Income Strategist at
Odlum Brown Limited

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(A Top Pick Feb 11/15. Up 4.42%.) 4% bond maturing April 16, 2018. Brookfield is an undervalued investment. He likes the bonds very much.
(A Top Pick Feb 11/15. Up 0.94%.) Likes this because it is diversified, and you are not guessing where interest rates are going. He likes the 10 year laddered, because the average yield pickup from 6 to 10 years has been 100 basis points over the last 25 years.
(A Top Pick Feb 11/15. Down 10.5%.) This has been one of the worst years ever for the high-yield market. He has been in and out of this twice since his recommendation. This is nothing, but US high-yield bonds, and hedged back to the Cdn$. Well diversified both by maturity and credit. The yield to maturity is slightly under 9%.
6.4% bond maturing Nov 18/19 at $96. The yield to maturity is 7.63%, which is still an investment grade bond. It was rated as a BBB minus, but Moody’s downgraded it to one notch below investment grade late last year, and their bonds have fallen by about 15 points. They have 2 bonds maturing between now and 2019. Their forecasts are for about $1 billion in EBITDA in the next 2 years.
2.8% bond maturing Sept 22/25 at $102. He is all for quality these days and this is a solid single A credit that has zero problems on the credit side. There are very few of these kinds of bonds in Canada.