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Over the last few years has tended to grow a very good market share of the fruit bar business. Long track record of profitability. Vary stable. Debt free with nearly $1 a share in cash. Imports some of their base products from the US, so a stronger Cdn$ is helpful. Presumes they will be consolidated by a larger company.
A technology/drilling company. They only have a fleet of about 20 drilling rigs, they are the #1 driller in terms of the number of meters drilled and in the top 5 in terms of total due to their technology. They have a quicker, lower cost solution for coal bed methane and shallow gas drilling. Growing their fleet out by about 50% per annum.
Part pharmaceutical and part drug development. Very profitable. Strong balance sheet and lots of cash flow. Generates about US$1.50 free cash flow every year. In a very stable gastro-intestinal market. They're also in-licence some drugs which gives them some pretty good upside. Trading at about US$14 with $1 a share free cash on the balance sheet.
Thinks there's very solid upside over the next year and a half. If there's going to be media consolidation, this is an obvious target. Have 3 main assets, a 51% interest in a film distribution trust, a whole suite of specialty broadcast channels in Canada and 50% owners of the CSI TV series.
The real opportunity is what the management has done recently to clean up the financial statements. They were equity holders in a US company which they recently sold. Also had a few stores in the US that were losing money and they're closing those down. Canadian operations are very profitable, about $1.50 EPS a year. Balance sheet is clean and management is really focused on getting the stock price up. Cheap.