Paul Gardner, CFA
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(A Top Pick Jan 29/20, Up 90%) He of course watches Amazon, but the valuation was too high. CJT was an easier way to get into e-commerce and of course this business exploded with the pandemic. Their last two quarters blew-out earnings. Also, they enjoy less competition now so they're in a sweet spot. This has more room to run. Amazon owns 10% of CJT, so there is a chance of takeover, but he doubts they will.
(A Top Pick Jan 29/20, Down 25%) His proxy for residential REITs. His top pick today.
(A Top Pick Jan 29/20, Up 4%) It's underperformed in the past 6 months because of the tech rally, but he expects this story to flip as Berkshire's hard assets will outperform the Nasdaq. So, now is a good time to own this. Also, he gets exposed to Apple via BRK. (He sold Apple given their high valuation.)
Has owned this since 2004. Tremendous upside. They really expanded their e-commerce and now makes up 10% of sales. When people can't travel, they buy furniture. Also, they hold $800 million in real estate that one day they can spin out. Also, they have no doubt. The family owns 75% of stock. Margins are rising. Targets $25-30. (Analysts’ price target is $22.25)
Best of the apartment REITs. Trades at a big discount to NAV. Rent collection rate is 99%. They're defensive. Holdings in Alberta benefit from a high-growth rate in the general economy as oil comes back. (Analysts’ price target is $40.02)