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(A Top Pick May 29/18, Up 4%) He really likes it. The company internalizes Management. They have the CPP contributed in. They own industrial properties in the heartland of the US. Renters are distribution centers. Logistics is a good theme. 94% occupancy rate.
(A Top Pick May 29/18, Up 13%)Yellow Pages Convertible 8% 2022 Bond - Play on deleveraging. Their free cash flow is exploding. They accelerated paying debt in the past quarter cutting costs.
(A Top Pick May 29/18, Up 18%) You have to be in the telco space, not in the cable space. It is trading expensively. They have room to do more with the free cash flow they have and the 5G. Long-term hold.
It has under performed. They made this transformational construction of this $3.3 billion petrochemical complex. There was a reverse of the pipeline of propane as they need it from the US to make plastic. He thinks it is incredible cheap and will show results in six months. Yield is 8.2% with a 75% payout ratio. Potential for a take out. (Analysts’ price target is $24.33)
Great Managers. All about intensification at the city level. Fantastic assets with growth profile. (Analysts’ price target is $23.75)