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In the final stages of merging with 2 other emerging mid tier gold producers. The 3 together will have the critical mass that will get noticed by some of the larger investors. Excellent resource base and a pipeline of development projects.
Pioneering seafloor mining and well advanced on their first development project off Papua New Guinea. Trading at not much more than the value of its cash in the banks.
On the forefront of very important frontier of the mining industry. About to begin development of the world's first seafloor copper/gold mining operation.
Mutual fund of junior resource companies. A great way for people who are not really close to the sector to get a diverse position. Price came down along with most of the companies. More than a mutual fund, a very talented group of people that have been involved in the industry for a long time. Trades at a discount to its NAV.
Ideal for people that don't have the time or resources to build their own portfolio in the resource sector. It’s like a brain trust with top people who take an active role in bringing together projects, people and money. This gives shareholders a ground floor stake in some companies that have been highly successful.