Allan Meyer
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VP & Portfolio Manager at
Wickham Investment Counsel

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(A Top Pick May 14/15. Down 37.97%.) Sold his holdings shortly after at around $20.
(A Top Pick May 14/15. Down 16.74%.) It swooned because of the trade agreement we had and people’s concerns about auto sales. Currently it is dirt cheap. Thinks there is great, great value here. Still a Hold. Dividend yield of around 4%.
(A Top Pick May 14/15. Up 3.6%.) A little expensive on a PE and Price to Book basis, but has very little debt. Really good free cash flow. Dividend yield of around 2.6%.
Has a 20-year exclusive mandate to provide land registry and affiliated services in Saskatchewan. Very, very inexpensive. Trading at 13X on a PE basis, and has something like a 10% free cash flow to enterprise value. Also, has a very low level of debt. Dividend yield of 5.68%.
This gives you a play on Gaz Metro, the big Quebec gas utility. Likes the dependable, forecastable nature of its gas distribution. Has 7% free cash flow Enterprise Value. Dividend yield of 5.25%.