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(A Top Pick Jan 05/18, Down 86%) He sold out of this when it became apparent oil prices were not going to finish above $70 per barrel by year end. He sold out around $6.50. Demand for frac-sand is down and their is greater competition in the US. Spending plans have declined in Canada as well. He is not holding this right now.

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(A Top Pick Nov 15/17, Down 85%) He sold it at about $6.50. The call was on frac sand at the time. As pricing for sand has deteriorated, it has an effect on their margins. The outlook is not awesome on this name.

(A Top Pick January 5/18 Down 68%) He sold out of this around $8-$9 per share. The frac sector has been devastated and he admits this was a bad call, although he thought Canada would be insulted from the crash. A badly timed acquisition further hurt the position – he has lost confidence with management.


(A Top Pick November 15/17 Down 54%) He was disappointed with this company did an acquisition, which eliminated the free cash flow position. He would prefer other names today.


(A Top Pick Nov 15/17, Down 47%) Management was a little optimistic when they did their financing and last acquisition. None of the forecasts were close to the mark from 9 months ago.


This is a Canadian fracking sand company. He believes it’s a name that will be stuck in the penalty box for a while. They set expectations too high when they came to market, and then suffered from rail congestion and severe weather. There’s probably no good news coming until the Fall. There will probably be another couple of poor quarters.


Dominates about 60% of Canadian frac sand. Despite the concern on ECO which is creating opportunity on Canadian services, a specialist put out an estimate on frac sand demand growing from 6 million tons last year, to about 8 million tons this year and 10 million tons next year. This company is 60% of the market, and because demand is growing so strongly they are increasing pricing. Thinks margins will hit $50 relatively soon. Trades at a 20% discount to its US peers. (Analysts' price target is $14.)


A provider of sand, but thinks of them more as a logistics company. That’s their competitive edge. Very strong barriers to entry. They are fully integrated from the mine right to the well site. Looking at the frac sand dynamics in Canada, Canadian companies are lower down in the learning curve in their adoption of using more and more sand on a per well basis. The dynamic for sand, where you have got our sand market probably growing by 50% a year, this company has 60% market in Canada. (Analysts’ price target is $14.)


The primary long way to get exposure in the Canadian frac market of larger companies. He likes management. They are a transportation advantage within Canada, and are roughly 40% of the Canadian frac sand market. Some of the big, big wells going on in the Permian literally use 100-200 railcars for a single well. The only hindrance is that there is still a large private equity component to it, which will act as an overhang. Any time the stock rallies, there will always be a kind of concern that there will be a secondary coming into the market.

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What is Source Energy Services Ltd stock symbol?

Source Energy Services Ltd is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol SHLE-T on the Toronto Stock Exchange (SHLE-CT). It is usually referred to as TSX:SHLE or SHLE-T

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On 2022-11-22, Source Energy Services Ltd (SHLE-T) stock closed at a price of $1.63.