This does mobile marketing for big brands, where you use your phone to run loyalty programs and purchase validations. Down 53% in the last year, because it got caught up in the downdraft in the TSX Venture. It would be higher today, except that their financing was the worst kept secret on Bay Street, which they have been marketing for 2 months at a price of $.30. The 2 first tranches have closed and have raised $7 million. Thinks the stock goes up from here, and he has been buying.


(A Top Pick Jan 28/15. Down 33.33%.) He still likes this. They just produced 3rd quarter results and showed revenue growth of 350%. This is in the mobile marketing space for getting coupons on products. Have great brands behind them. They are not burning cash. He bought more in the $0.45 range. Expects they will get bought out.


(Top Pick Jan 28/15, Down 41.33%) He is buying more. They are not burning cash. He thinks it gets bought out at some point. He would buy more. He added to his position as it fell. Micro caps are risky. You are hoping they become a real business and this one is showing signs it will do this. It is marketing over cell phones.


He owns a lot. It is one of the more interesting speculative tech companies. It uses your smart phone to build brand loyalty. They are no longer burning cash in the bank. Growing 100s of percent year over year. The cash balance does help you.


An online mobile marketing company with things like loyalty programs and purchase validations. They just put up a pretty impressive top line quarter. Revenue up almost 1000%. Still not making money. Costs are up a lot which alarmed some people. There were a lot of one-time costs, which are expected to disappear in Q2. If they do, there might be some profits. Selling off this week because there is a financing that is coming off hold Friday, and some people are allowed to sell a little bit earlier. Expects there will be a little bit of volatility here because investors have done quite well on the financing.


Thinks it will do extremely well. Last quarter was good and growth should be good. Revenues are recurring. The move to the NASDAQ is very positive. Margins will go from 10% to 80% in a hurry.


Not that liquid, so put in bids but don’t chase it. Look at this in 4 months. They are doing a massive financing, and that is 4 months held paper. In 4 months it comes off restrictions and there will be much more stock available. The company basically helps brands market their goods. For example Kraft (KRFT-Q) could say “Buy catsup and you’ll get free Cool Whip.” Today, you have to cut some UPC code, get your receipt and mail it in. This company makes it a lot easier to do it with your phone. You just take a picture, receipt, UPC code, send it in and they validate it and take care of everything. Way cheaper for the brands, way more out take. Stores, consumers and brands love it. The brands also get data from this. The uplift to the NASDAQ will bring a tremendous amount of interest to this.

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What is Snip Interactive Inc stock symbol?

Snip Interactive Inc is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol SPN-X on the TSX Venture Exchange (SPN-CV). It is usually referred to as TSXV:SPN or SPN-X

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On 2023-06-01, Snip Interactive Inc (SPN-X) stock closed at a price of $0.125.