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(A Top Pick May 08/18, Down 13%) It was at an all time low at the time. Some of the commodities did well but oil dragged the whole thing down. The thesis is even stronger now. It's an ETF and will not kill you.
(A Top Pick May 08/18, Down 36%) They were doing things to turn things around. They made net income last year and then Trump tariffs killed them. But they said they are going to turn around the tariffs. He is going to look and see if it is time to buy back in.
(A Top Pick May 08/18, Up 33%) He has been in and out of this one for years. It is volatile because investors think it is economically sensitive. It is a well funded, well managed growth machine. It is a kind of trader's dream. He likes the way they conduct business. They did not lose money in the worst parts of the recession.
They are well funded and have lots of room to grow. It is a terrific franchise to own for the long time. (Analysts’ price target is $64.00)
All electric buses. Vans to double deckers. There is tremendous interest from all levels of governments. The transit authorities are terrified of ride-share services. The more aggressive ones are moving into this and need smaller buses. This is their biggest seller. (Analysts’ price target is $4.01)