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(A Top Pick Sep 07/18, Up 7%) They are an acqusitions machine, buying fast food brands, inlcuding a big one in the past two years that he hopes would increase their margins. They're rebounding from a hiccup now, so things looks good. It will grow nicely and eventually pay dividends.
(A Top Pick Sep 07/18, Down 25%) They used to get a nice premium because they got international oil prices, not Canadian. But then they made a Canadian acquisition--and investors don't want Canadian oil stocks. If the Liberals are voted out in October, this sector will sharply rebound. If the Liberals stay, oil will continue to suffer for four years.
(A Top Pick Sep 07/18, Up 18%) Government spending on infrastructure will continue and even outpace GDP. Also, ARE operates leanly. It's a risky sector, but ARE will continue to do well.
It was an income trust, and so they distrbitued too much money and didn't keep enough cash to refurbish their stores and stay competitive. That hurt, then they the oil price fell (they're based in Alberta), then they made some dumb acquisitions. Aurora Cannabis and the Bitove family have since invested. They've cut prices to wipe out competition, then bought that competition--twice. This has worked. Eventually, they will raise prices now that they've wiped out those competitors. Alberta law limits other liquor stores within a certain radius from existing shops, so they have a moat. And they're getting into cannabis. This stock is starting to move. (Analysts’ price target is $8.05)
This stock can respond well to small improvements. This has turnaround potential. The low multiple can expand and earnings can grow. Long-term, it's a play on urbanization. They can build subway stations, and then land contracts to build condos and malls which always spring up around stations. (Analysts’ price target is $7.25)