T-Mobile play away numbers because they are taking away market share from ATT and Verizon, but doesn't carry the baggage of these peers. ATT complains that it's customers are paying their bills late, so costing ATT $100s of million while Verizon pays out alot of dividends. T-Mobile doesn't pay a dividend, so it can reinvest in its services. nor does it raise prices.
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Great network and pricing. Service is good. A favourite of the cool crowd in New York. Will grow slowly and pay a nice dividend.
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They report Tuesday. They offer growth in this sector. How many subscribers will they steal from their rivals?
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They used to be marginal players in the wireless industry. Then, bold management, a customer-friendly ethos, great branding and the Spring merger, TMUS has become a heavy hitter. Since end-2019, TMUS has gained 83% while Verizon lost 7% and AT&T fell 25%. The difference is execution. All the carriers are rushing to build their 5G networks while T-Mobil already leads in 5G build. TMUS boasted 1.4 million net subscription additions in Q1 when the street expected under 1 million.

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In the wireless space, this is the one to buy. He expects one more excellent quarter when they report next year, lifted by a lot of new sign-ups.
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An essential 5G play The CEO has made this best in class. The Sprint merger put them on near-equal footing with ATT and Verizon. The new CEO has laid the groundwork for 5G to give TMUS the most widely available 5G network, though Verizon is the fastest. TMUS' 5G range now covers 280 million people. This week they announced huge deals with Nokia and Ericsson to expand that network. It's pulled back from highs for no reason.

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AT&T is a sell. Verizon is good for income, but T-Mobile offers growth in this space.

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BUY A winner that will continue. Fresh research today said that just added 2 millions subs and he feels they will keep adding paid subscriptions.
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Still margin pressures on business and some slowing growth. Good cash generation. Balance sheet is in good shape so he wouldn’t have any trouble owning this. Thinks that the best growth is behind some of the telecom companies right now.

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T-Mobile US(TMUS-Q) Rating

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T-Mobile US(TMUS-Q) Frequently Asked Questions

What is T-Mobile US stock symbol?

T-Mobile US is a American stock, trading under the symbol TMUS-Q on the NASDAQ (TMUS). It is usually referred to as NASDAQ:TMUS or TMUS-Q

Is T-Mobile US a buy or a sell?

In the last year, 2 stock analysts published opinions about TMUS-Q. 2 analysts recommended to BUY the stock. 0 analysts recommended to SELL the stock. The latest stock analyst recommendation is . Read the latest stock experts' ratings for T-Mobile US.

Is T-Mobile US a good investment or a top pick?

T-Mobile US was never recommended as a Top Pick on Stockchase. Read the latest stock experts ratings for T-Mobile US.

Why is T-Mobile US stock dropping?

Earnings reports or recent company news can cause the stock price to drop. Read stock experts’ recommendations for help on deciding if you should buy, sell or hold the stock.

Is T-Mobile US worth watching?

2 stock analysts on Stockchase covered T-Mobile US In the last year. It is a trending stock that is worth watching.

What is T-Mobile US stock price?

On 2022-11-28, T-Mobile US (TMUS-Q) stock closed at a price of $151.09.