(A Top Pick Aug 6/09. Up 35.59%.) Company was acquired.
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Performed exceptionally well and is now merging with Lake Shore Gold (LSG-T). Lake Shore is paying $300 million for 40% of a company some good drill holes but that they already own 60% of. Market cap of the 2 companies is about $1 billion, which is a pretty steep market cap. Can’t see a lot of upside.
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Lake Shore Gold (LSG-T) has just made a bid for this company. They share the properties. Stock has run quite a bit and he has taken some profit. Would add on any big pullback.
precious metals
Something in this company disappointed the analysts recently. Grade is very high. Huge resource.
precious metals
Lots of room to go on this company. Had some great drill results and looks like they have a significant resource that could get significantly larger. Partnered with Lake Shore Gold (LSG-T). Lake Shore is actually producing at the moment so this would be a more conservative way to play it.
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Recently hit 83 metres of 12 3/4 grams per ton gold, which is one of the 5 best holes in Canada over the past 50 years. If they can get those grades lower down and expand their resources, it is going to be a massive opportunity. They are smack dab in the middle of the Timmins Camp. Think they will get taken over before they find more gold.
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In one of the world’s greatest gold regions. Has extremely high grade gold. Think it will be second to none.
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Gold production in Timmins Ontario. Has the opportunity to look for significant new resources.
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What is West Timmins Mining Inc stock symbol?

West Timmins Mining Inc is a OTC stock, trading under the symbol WTM-T on the (). It is usually referred to as or WTM-T

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