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(A Top Pick July 14/17. Up 5%.) Of all things in Fairfax, this one appeals to him. It gives the ordinary investor a way of getting into India. Also gives them a way of getting into a hands-on situation. Not just a portfolio of Indian stocks, but part of a creation/transformation of companies with some leaning towards environmental satisfying things. You need patience. When dealing with Prem Watsa, you know that you are dealing long-term with something like this. The stock is off a bit at the moment. Not a lot of interest in it.
(A Top Pick July 14/17. Up 160%.) The ultimate listed cobalt stock, and always has been. It's in the Congo, and is utterly controlled by Glencore (GLEN-LN). The operational side is in order, and there has been a recent tendency for people to inflate cobalt stocks in general.
(A Top Pick July 14/17. Down 78%.) This is not the credit cards of the banks, it is the cards that retail organizations use. There seems to be a downer going on in that business at the moment. The company just eliminated the dividend. They are the leaders, and have been 30 years in the business
Feels this is now entering FANG territory. This is what Trump uses to rule the world. It reaches millions and millions of people. It’s put on lots and lots of new services. There are great, great possibilities with this. (Analysts' price target is $21.)
A leading lottery to more than 60 lotteries worldwide, located in Winnipeg. They’ve been making acquisitions. Dividend yield of 0.6%. (Analysts' price target is $17.63.)