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Vulcan Materials Co. (VMC-N) is a strong and stable road building company with essential services for infrastructure spending, large US Federal contracts, and stable revenue streams. The company has shown strong performance in earnings and balance sheet so far this year. Despite a recent downgrade, experts believe VMC is a solid long-term hold with decent yield, good profit margins, and strong growth rates.

Fair Value
MLM and Vulcan were both downgraded today.

These are two of the better names in this space. Performance so far this year has been strong in earnings and balance sheet. Disagrees with that downgrade and he continues to hold.

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Excellent business that is very stable.
Road building company that provides essential service for infrastructure spending. 
Large US Federal contracts. 
Stable revenue streams.
High barriers to entry. 

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VMC pays a decent yield of 0.8%, and analysts expect earnings and sales to grow nicely in the coming years. It has reasonable debt levels, good profit margins, a somewhat high valuation (31.3X forward P/E), but it generates good free cash flows and has been reducing some of its debt recently. Growth rates are good, and we think as part of a long-term hold, it is a solid name, although it has seen a strong run recently and we might expect a slight pullback.
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They make materials for building roads, so obviously it benefits from the infrastructure bill that was just signed. It's up 29% year to date, so he was worried that the bill was already baked into the stock. However, retail investors didn't know this and they bought it up today. Trading around 35-40x earnings.
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It does well during housing booms. It's slipped recently and could continue to, so maybe wait a week before buying.
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She likes materials as a sector because they have one of the highest earnings projections for next year and this company has a lot of highway projects where the government is spending a lot of money and it could go two or three years out. (Analysts’ target: $141.50).

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A very well run company with quarries around San Antonio. When prices fell, they used technology to reduce production. They will do exceptionally well.

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Top Short North America's largest aggregates producer. Largely just crushing rock, which is a difficult, low margin business. This last quarter they lost another $0.13 and recently cut the dividend. He recently added a short at $31-$32.
cement / concrete
Top Short SHORT: Road building. Also, building for the oil and shale industry. Getting hit by costs. Haven’t made money for several years. Not expected to make money this year or next. $4 Bullion in good will from acquisitions that needs to be written down.
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They are an aggregate company where they supply cement stone and gravel. Other companies will need materials to build projects. Company has a lot of leverage, and will perform well going forward.
cement / concrete
(His 3 Top Picks tonight are a package.) This company supplies cement/concrete. Whoever gets elected, there will be another stimulus package coming out of Congress in the very short-term and into infrastructure.
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Vulcan Materials Co.(VMC-N) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vulcan Materials Co. stock symbol?

Vulcan Materials Co. is a American stock, trading under the symbol VMC-N on the New York Stock Exchange (VMC). It is usually referred to as NYSE:VMC or VMC-N

Is Vulcan Materials Co. a buy or a sell?

In the last year, 2 stock analysts published opinions about VMC-N. 2 analysts recommended to BUY the stock. 0 analysts recommended to SELL the stock. The latest stock analyst recommendation is . Read the latest stock experts' ratings for Vulcan Materials Co..

Is Vulcan Materials Co. a good investment or a top pick?

Vulcan Materials Co. was recommended as a Top Pick by on . Read the latest stock experts ratings for Vulcan Materials Co..

Why is Vulcan Materials Co. stock dropping?

Earnings reports or recent company news can cause the stock price to drop. Read stock experts’ recommendations for help on deciding if you should buy, sell or hold the stock.

Is Vulcan Materials Co. worth watching?

2 stock analysts on Stockchase covered Vulcan Materials Co. In the last year. It is a trending stock that is worth watching.

What is Vulcan Materials Co. stock price?

On 2024-05-29, Vulcan Materials Co. (VMC-N) stock closed at a price of $251.91.