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Agricultural chemicals and seeds are very well placed in the world economy. Will come back well when the economy recovers. Biggest risk would be trade barriers.
Short and long term problems in industry will all work out. Not sure that domestic manufacturers will be able to satisfy the demand. Toyota is pretty well positioned. Risk is that it is too big. One of the others could come in and undercut them.
As inventories bottom, there will be a sharp increase in transportation. This is the exclusive carrier out of Mexico. A Canadian railroad may want to buy one of the US ones.
Premier construction company in the world. Will be stimulated as it generates a lot of jobs. It is well positioned. There is a risk if there is a delay in the introduction of the infrastructure program.
Largest engineering firm in the US. They are big on roads, nuclear power plants, and football stadiums. They have a handle on knowing what needs to be done, and what people are interested in doing.