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Market. The US market is the best alternative for investment until interest rates rise. Investors are concerned about a bear market or a crash. Although we are seeing some of the highest valuations in a long time, where are investors going to put their money? US fundamentals are still very good. She sees 10.5 earnings growth for this year and 11% next year. There may be some consolidation in some stocks through flattening of valuations to make her feel better about entry points. It’s been a pretty strong earnings season. This was expected to be the worst quarter of the year but we are expecting 7% growth. Tech and Internet have had blow-out earnings. But growth stocks have been the worst this earnings season.

Southwest Airlines

(A Past Top Pick Jan 30/17, Up 6%) It has behaved a lot like a value stock but she sees more potential. They have been able to really increase their capacity and connections. They are one of the few US airlines that is growing.


(A Past Top Pick Jan 30/17, Down 35%) It is a turnaround stock and she hoped it would be a quicker turnaround. They announced they are closing 100 stores and repurposing the stores or selling them off. They can compete in the online sales space. She still believes it can be one of the retail turnaround stories.

department stores
Apple Inc

(A Past Top Pick Jan 30/17, Up 45%) There is lots of headline news regarding this company. People are willing to spend a lot of money on cell phones. Phone debt is one of the highest growing areas of consumer debt. AAPL-Q are a leader in their arena.

electrical / electronic

She likes materials as a sector because they have one of the highest earnings projections for next year and this company has a lot of highway projects where the government is spending a lot of money and it could go two or three years out. (Analysts’ target: $141.50).

cement / concrete

They have their own line of beauty products. They also have solon services within the store so they are creating an experience to attract the buyer into the store. It is a unique play within the consumer space. (Analysts’ target: $253.50).

Consumer Products
Delta Air Lines Inc

The stock took a hit. She likes it because she is seeing better cash flow than their peers. They really have some exceptional free cash flow yields. They are able to increase their margins. (Analysts’ target: $63.00).

Target Corp

It has struggled. She still owns it but would not recommend it as an entry point. She wants to see more positive reports from the holiday season. They are struggling to move more on line. It would not be her first choice for a retailer. It would have to be AMZN-Q or ULTA-Q, which is an experience, rather than just products.

CVS Health Corp

It is one of the ones she likes. There have been a lot of mergers and acquisitions. It would be interesting if they can merge and get additional synergies. This is an interesting entry point.

specialty stores
CBS Corp

She likes it. It is a value play. She sees some good growth for next year.

entertainment services

They lost a lot with the HPV vaccine. They have so much cash on their balance sheet that they can pretty much buy anything they want. She likes it and owns it. They have opportunities through acquisitions.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical

The US are down to 4 telecoms and were out of favour as they were bond proxies. You are getting 5% yield but not price appreciation. It is getting harder to get new subscribers. It is a safety stock. People buy it when they want income.

telephone utilities
Nike Inc

They had a bit of a pop when they announced they would sell direct through AMZN-Q. She wants to see more growth in emerging markets before getting into it. Don’t buy right now.

misc consumer products

They have strong management and good cash flows. The price has come down but she does not recommended adding it. It will be challenging next year. We need to see a lot more new housing construction. It will do well and at least keep up with the market, however.

misc industrial products

She is not a fan right now. There is incredible, tough competition in beverages.

breweries / beverages
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