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(A Past Top Pick Jan 30/17, Up 6%) It has behaved a lot like a value stock but she sees more potential. They have been able to really increase their capacity and connections. They are one of the few US airlines that is growing.
(A Past Top Pick Jan 30/17, Down 35%) It is a turnaround stock and she hoped it would be a quicker turnaround. They announced they are closing 100 stores and repurposing the stores or selling them off. They can compete in the online sales space. She still believes it can be one of the retail turnaround stories.
(A Past Top Pick Jan 30/17, Up 45%) There is lots of headline news regarding this company. People are willing to spend a lot of money on cell phones. Phone debt is one of the highest growing areas of consumer debt. AAPL-Q are a leader in their arena.
She likes materials as a sector because they have one of the highest earnings projections for next year and this company has a lot of highway projects where the government is spending a lot of money and it could go two or three years out. (Analysts’ target: $141.50).
They have their own line of beauty products. They also have solon services within the store so they are creating an experience to attract the buyer into the store. It is a unique play within the consumer space. (Analysts’ target: $253.50).