What's catching your attention? Inflation numbers. Happy with the numbers today. He thinks inflation peaked in Q2. Today's number confirms that, though there's still more to go. So much will be driven by energy prices, which are hard to forecast. He'd like to see them stay low for a while in terms of the inflation outlook, as that would be really bullish for the market overall.
Supply shortages persist? Yes, but we hit peak shortage in Q1. Semiconductor situation is looking better as we move through the year. Commodity prices have fallen back, perhaps as fear of shortages and political risk dial down. In the auto sector, one of his holdings, LNR, reports tonight, and he expects encouraging news on the supply front that will drive new auto production in the back half of the year. All that will help with shortages going forward.
Focus for an income portfolio? High-yielding opportunities, mostly focused on the Canadian market. There are lots of great small- and mid- cap, Canadian companies yielding 5-6%. Some of those are in energy, like ENB or WCP. Even in financials, POW or BNS, their 5+% dividend yields are attractive given the market.
More exposed to liquid side. Could be a bit more downside. Always a discount from the spot price for Canadian companies. If you're looking for a smaller-cap company, a good time to pick away at a good name like this.
oil / gas
MFC is still dealing with fallouts from financial crisis. It's all about getting back to that growth phase. Asian business is still tough. You can buy it here, and share price will slowly creep up over time as it invests in core businesses. Yield is 5.5%.
Great company. Leader in rail ties and utility poles. It's about finding the sweet spot of prices for products being down, but demand is high. Perhaps a good time to get in with inflation peaking. He'd look at other names.
misc industrial products
Any fear of delisting? China probably the largest EV market in the world. Makes a lower-cost EV model. Risk with China has increased, given Taiwan situation. Problems with Chinese regulators. He plays where rule of law is more transparent.