They did a major restructuring but when they sold their business analytics business. Earnings have declined, but they sit on a lot of cash. Very well managed. Shares ran up during lockdowns. Pays a 2% dividend and trades at 9x. You can hold on, but wait and see what they do, like whether they will buy a new business like software or buyback shares. No need to panic.
publishing / printing
Similar to Baytex, but carries a little more debt. They have sold some assets to re-focus. They have leverage to the upside, but if you are negative about oil, you can short this.
oil / gas
(A Top Pick May 20/21, Down 26%) A symbol of today's stock market. They overexpanded their distribution network; revenue has and will slow down. AWS enjoys 70% margins. Advertising is growing and Amazon can raise their fees. They're growing more distribution, but internet retail is slowing them down. But after a few quarters of sluggishness, this should return to growth. Still likes it and he would average down. Newbies can enter partially now.
specialty stores
(A Top Pick May 20/21, Down 63%) Revenue growth stalled. A German online retailer, focusing on high-end customers in Europe. Higher interest rates and the Russian war's impact on Germany hit. They remain the #1 German e-retailer. Remains a good stock.
(A Top Pick May 20/21, Up 3%) The world's leading driller for mining companies. Mining is on an uptick and this was his bet. It's doing well and he sees more upside. You don't know which company will when in exploration, so MDI is safe.
mining services
Are bank stocks safe again? Canadian banks have outperformed the TSX throughout his entire career. There's fear that rising rates will make mortgages uncertain. But given this correction, you can nibble at the Canadian banks now, one of the safest assets in Canada, since they are protected by law. His favourite bank here is BNS given their exposure in South America, which were badly hit by Covid and they have wide mining exposure. The safer bet is CIBC, because it's well-managed, is more exposed to the Canadian economy which is thriving because of demand for natural resources, and it pays a good dividend.
Well managed for many years, focused on railway ties and have expanded into wood products, but got caught up in the lumber price downturn. That hit the stock. Also, exports to China has declined due to Covid there. Lumber is in a cyclical downturn, so this is a tough call. Share have fallen into the mid-30s. The value remains, but market momentum will remain negative to 6-8 months. But this fear may be baked into shares now.
misc industrial products