She's owned this for years and will continue to. During Covid, their occupancy rates dove obviously, but now she expects that to slowly recover--was 90%, now at 77%. She originally bought this for the need for long-term care for an aging population, and this trend hasn't changed. CSH operates 90% of its business in private seniors housing and only 10% LTC facilities. CSH handled the pandemic relatively well; vaccination rates for their residents and employees are high.
property mngmnt / investment
The Liberals' plan to tax financial companies and impact on shareholders. The banks are insurers are a key part of Canadian investor portfolios. If the plan happens, these companies will manage this tax in the end. These companies make a lot of money, though the tax is not a good capital markets development.
They're trying to diversity their end markets, are trying to buy a car company (as is Magna) to enter the auto market. Expect them to do more acquisitions. There are better stocks within tech.

She likes US financials as economies recover and loan demand returns. Savings rates are high. USB is high quality. You can build positions in any US bank to take part in the economic recovery and when interest rates rise.

(A Top Pick Sep 15/20, Up 8%) She'd buy it here. 90% of their earnings come from the US. Pays a nice nearly 4% dividend and should grow 10% this year and continue to grow in coming years through a capital program. They've struck deals with Chevron and JPMorgan to reduce their carbon footprint.
electrical utilities
(A Top Pick Sep 15/20, Up 15%) She's owned this for years and continues to buy this diversified healthcare name. Pharmaceuticals account for roughly 50% of revenue. They continually reinvest in their R&D. Many products are #1 in their categories. Boasts a rare triple-A balance sheet and pays a 2.6% dividend that they've increased for 59 years.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
(A Top Pick Sep 15/20, Up 31%) The gains are surprising. They've invested in long term areas, namely e-commerce. Costs to protect employees from Covid will roll off. Shoppers during Covid flocked to the top supermarkets, though are now returning to the discount chains, which Loblaw also owns. She's waiting for a pullback to add more shares. Loblaw is expanding into primary care health clinics and expanding into e-health, both of which are good.
food stores