Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Brian Madden commented about whether TCL.A-T, FNV-T, PXT-T, BCE-T, GOOS-T, ENB-T, TFII-T, ATD.B-T, CURA-CSE, QBR.B-T, STN-T, MFC-T, LIF-T, NA-T are stocks to buy or sell.


He owns BCE and Telus instead for income. At this point in the cycle, and just looking at total return, he wouldn't own any telcos. Better opportunities elsewhere for capital gains in the value and cyclical areas. Not a pure play telco. Not the biggest or most diversified. Commends what they're doing with the business.

publishing / printing
Results reported yesterday were good. Elephant in the room is is what happens with US cannabis regulations. Impediment to greater profitability is they can't deal with mainstream banks, so cost of capital is higher. Plus, illegal federally, so pay astronomical tax rates. Regulations will eventually change. Best of breed.
(A Top Pick Aug 04/20, Up 11%) Consistent grower and outperformer of the TSX for 24 years. Now a big player in the US and Europe. Moving into Asia. Stepping up merchandising sophistication, which will drive organic growth and be reflected in a stock re-rating in the multiple. Good things in the pipeline. Another deal before year's end wouldn't surprise him. Continues to buy.
food stores
(A Top Pick Aug 04/20, Up 141%) On rocket fuel during the pandemic. Benefits from e-commerce. Market conditions are tight, hard to get trucks and drivers, so rates are going up which benefits the bottom line. Not expensive. Great grower. Happy to buy.
(A Top Pick Aug 04/20, Up 21%) He sold in February, though may have left some money on the table. Challenging to grow, growth pace might get cut in half. Empowered NIMBY obstructionists on both sides of the border. Put profits into opportunities that have done better.
oil / gas pipelines

Financial planning for your TFSA. Look at portfolio construction, risk management, asset allocation, and income planning. TFSA is the most tax advantaged form of account that exists in Canada. Put your highest expected return securities in that portfolio. Don't let cash just sit in your TFSA, as those dollars should be working hard for you. Flipside of return is risk, and the two go hand in hand. Do your homework, and buy if you have conviction. CURLF is an example of an equity that would fit a TFSA. See today's Top Picks for 3 more suggestions.

The goose is getting cooked today. Low point in the calendar for them. Calendar Q3 and Q4 are the big quarters. Sales were better than expected, smaller loss than expected. Stock was priced for beating expectations, and it didn't. Overseas sales are strong, comfortable with outlook, long-term secular growth, strong brand. A buying opportunity.