Today's sell-off it a convergence of a lot of stuff that's been building up. It now feels like February into March. He's got put options out there and built up hedges. There are 46 days till the US election. He sees vulnerability to the downside. The catalysts for the recent tech sell-off: valuations went through the roof and central banks issued stimulus and governments offered fiscal stimulus to pump markets. Now, that stimulus is off the table. And the US election is coming up.
He targets $301. Should be a core holding for anyone. It's one of the 10 biggest companies in the world, the king of e-commerce in China. They've transformed from an online distribution platform into a technology enabler, like the cloud and digital payments. It's a broad, deep stock.
They use platforms to digitally recreate speakers on stage around the world, using holographic technology for as cheap as $10,000. Clients include multinational financials and pharmaceuticals. The new CEO is building out the salesforce and taking on big clients. He targets 90 cents, more than double the current stock price. Buy a quarter position now, then add if the stock falls lower.
other services

He also owns Visa and Square. Paypal is well-positioned to grow around digital payments, and it's been a winner as transactions have leapt this year. $220 is his price target, about $40 higher than now. It's a momentum stock. He gravitates to the larger payments companies like this and Square, not the smaller players.

He targets $1,770. The stock has always been in his top 5. Buy it around $1,300 or even now but only partially. 80% of revenues come from ads, their cash cow. Uncertain over the length of the current tech meltdown.
Business Services
He targets $49.12. They've disappointed the last little while. A new CEO came in last year, and he will likely shakes things up. Topline growth should recover by the end of 2020 as more investments are made. Cisco keeps buying back shares, even during the pandemic. It's a yawner now, but should pick up because Cisco is a massive supplier of 5G which is coming.
electrical / electronic
(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Up 191%) Glad he still owns it. He targets US$1,100, so there's currently room to grow (not US$903). Has a long runway in secular growth. Their track record of innovation is phenomenal. He sees a much-higher stock price. Their Q2 report said that gross merchandise volume accelerated 119% at a phenomenal annual rate.