Market Outlook Everything in the economy looks pretty good, there is just uncertainty about trade wars. Auto sales growth seems to slowing, despite lower leasing rates. A peak appears to have happened in the space, but it is not enough to cause a down turn in the market. They are waiting in the wings looking for short term opportunities to buy good long term companies.
He would not be a buyer. It has had troubles, with Warren Buffet having to step in. Consumer tastes have changed and they have been slow to adapt. The company has taken on a large amount of debt for the acquisition. There have not been enough catalysts to get him back on board so he will continue to wait.
food processing
A very high quality company and it is pretty expensive. Rail volumes can have issues if the economy slows. Overall, it is a very good company, but he would wait for it to drop in value a little more. A good holding long term.
He does not think this is a good investment. The privacy issues and data breaches on several occasions appear to be a flaw in their business model. Their monthly and daily users have increased for some time and he thinks it will hard to maintain that growth much longer. The privacy concerns could drag on for a long time. He would stay on the sidelines.

He owns Amazon instead. Walmart has all the baggage of being an old-school retailer. Shifting to an internet model is a good thing and bringing in one day shipping is helpful, but the competition is fierce.

department stores
Analyst price is lower than market? He does own it and other in the brand. This is the overall holding company with all asset revenues flowing up to it. He does like management. Why it is trading above analyst forecast prices, he is not sure. He recommends looking longer term and invest a little overtime to participate in short term weakness.
management / diversified

A great company and he is not surprised by yesterday's weakness. The company is in a very good space and is well run. Management has got the balance sheet in great balance. There is room to acquire and they have begun to move into the US. He expects the recent price action is short term profit taking.