Market. The US economy had a good second quarter. In Europe and China things are slowing little. One of the main things that the Fed has to face is the yield curve flattening quickly. He believes the bond markets figure things out fairly quickly. The yield curve is saying that there is slower growth and low inflation. This doesn’t mean you can’t do well in stocks. You have to be very careful when interest rates are being raised. Particularly in light of coming out of QE. Earnings have been coming very strong.


The rails are a very good business to be. High barriers of entry. Good pricing power. Great place to be. The business is much more robust now. Good long-term hold.


Great story. It is like a toll booth. They don’t take credit or interest rate risk. Capital light. They don’t own it because they think it is expensive. The one risk that some people see is the fintech disruption. Growth is in the Emerging Markets.

other services

They own Loblaw Cos Ltd (L-T) because they think it has better dynamics. They are going through a rationalization process like the one that Loblaw Cos Ltd (L-T) went through. The Safeway acquisition wasn’t so well executed. Tough business.

food stores

The sale of some of their assets to Brookfield makes a lot of sense. Takes away some of the worries that some people had on funding. Some assets sales are going to come in the next while. Spectra was a good acquisition for them. They are in a much better situation than they were a few months ago.

oil / gas pipelines

The fact that interest rates have been very low had affected the insurance industry. Not an expensive stock. Trading at 9.5 times earnings. Headwinds against these businesses is where interest rates go. He would look at other players in the industry with much more diversified businesses and better chances of growing.


Blockchain technology is going to change companies in the near future. He can’t comment on the currencies because that is something they don’t invest in.