Many brands. They had problems in their supply chains. The stock dropped a lot. There is shareholder activism and they are divesting some underperforming brands. Analysts and the market don’t like it but he is willing to look down the road and if they clean it up it will be worth a lot more.

misc consumer products

He has not had it in his portfolio for the last 5 years. It has not taken off. It might be a good opportunity now but he is not looking at it.

mngmnt / diversified

He has owned it in the past. They had a good run and a year ago put in a plan to cut costs from their business. They have razor thin margins. It is a very competitive business. He does not like to buy these kinds of businesses. EMP-T also has CCR.UN-T REIT but you are in an industry that is so highly competitive with AMZN-Q and so on that it is hard to own it at this price.

food stores

He does not own pipelines. They have come down a lot. The bigger issue has been regulatory issues. They are fighting a big headwind with our governments today. As it gets cheaper and cheaper it could look attractive to him but with today's regulatory environment, it does not.

oil / gas pipelines

He owns mining companies only once a decade because he cannot forecast the price of resources. Also, miners tend to start to invest with cash flow whenever the commodity price goes up so when it goes down again they get saddled with it.


He only has TD-T and BNS-T. What will throw BNS-T forward is the Canadian business. Their 20% plus ROE they invest in Latin America / Caribbean. The long term strategy is good. In the short term, who knows.


It is near 25 year highs and trades at record levels. He sees more pressure coming from other forms of payment, to their margins. It was a great company to have in the past but he would not to continue to hold it.

other services