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(A Top Pick Sep 06/18, Down 13%) He thinks it has gotten better with a recent announcement on a project in Australia. They run medical office buildings in Canada, Germany, Brazil and other locations. He likes the global exposure and sees lots of growth going forward.
(A Top Pick Sep 06/18, Down 13%) An alternative asset manager -- the biggest in the space. They shell out 5-10% in a yield. He continues to like them.
(A Top Pick Sep 06/18, Down 10%) They did an acquisition that has not worked out well, which has created headwinds. They own "Sharpie Pens" and other well known brands and they are divesting of some of these to pay down debt. They are in the midst of a turnaround and he continues to see lots of upside still. It should be worth double what it is today in the future.
The Canadian banks are very cheap today. An oligopolistic structure, which produces over 40% return on their domestic banking business. It trades under 10 times 2019 PE. It is bulking up in its international asset management business, especially into Latin America. Yield 5%. (Analysts’ price target is $82.15)
A very well known global bank that has emerged well from the 2008 crisis. Trades under 8 times forward earnings. They raised their long term guidance last year and see their ROE at 14-16%. It trades at book value. Yield 3.3%. (Analysts’ price target is $79.17)