Compared to the last few years, the recent market swings are shocking, but we are actually getting back to
normal, with this increased volatility in early 2018. The bark is often louder than the bite when it
comes to politics (i.e.Washington). For long-term traders, pick your spots and stand by your
convictions. Day to day, this will be a rough ride--It's unproductive to watch the markets so closely
every day like this. The key thing is to be comfortable with what you own, prepared to
absorb say a 6% drop, and keep looking long-term.


Your first reaction with seeing the 9% yield is that it's in trouble. ALA is awaiting US approval of the
WGL utility deal, carries a high debt and was unable to sell a holding recently. But he believes the deal
with go through and ALA will sell off assets to reduce their debt. This is an opportunity.

oil / gas

No doubt about its growth potential, and it has been successful. But you're paying too much for
the future--it's pricing for the future. What if SHOP hits a bump? He wouldn't buy it here, though
you've done well if you bought it earlier. Overall, tech stocks are partly carried by momentum.


Well-run, but the auto cycle is prettty close to peak. Will we see a quick downturn? If you
believe in the auto cycle and like their dividend, then hold it, but he isn't buying now. They are
doing to adapt to e-cars, but it takes time.


(A Top Pick March 20/17, Down 3%) Some plants were flooded. They were also hit by industry-wide input costs. They continue to make accretive acquisitions. He sees upside and still has faith in it. Safe dividend of 3.5% and will even grow.

packaging / containers

IS Apple high Beta? It's 1.78 He doesn't think so. As one of FAANG, Apple has growth, value and pays dividends--basically everything you want. But can the iPhone be the growth engine forever, and if not, then what's the next
great product? Still has a good balance sheet, and repatriation of cash is happening. Short-term Apple looks good, but long-term is up for debate.

electrical / electronic

One of the best Canadian banks. Their strong Canadian retail business has been their traditional strength, and now their US retail side is paying off with US growth. Has a decent dividend. Good to own.