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(A Top Pick March 24/16. Up 9.97%.) This has been a frustrating stock technically, because it has a long series of lower highs. He now thinks it is above that. He is also bullish on the aerospace sector.
(A Top Pick March 24/16. Up 20.42%.) This is due for a pullback now, but thinks it will go on for a while. If you are not in this, you might want to wait a week or 2 before committing.
(A Top Pick March 24/16. Up 10.69%.) He likes the industrials because it is a sort of call on the economy. Thinks this uptrend persists for a while.
Fundamentally, this is in the industrial space as well as in the aerospace space. The aerospace peers are doing well. As long as he can remember, the US has been at war with somebody. Technically, this has a long series of tops of around $15.50, and it has finally broken out. With this break out, he thinks this works higher. Once you start breaking out of all-time highs, there is no cap.
The technical rule for him is that you cannot have a rising market without the leadership or participation from the financial sector, so he likes the banks. The banks have weathered well and have done well through all the past crises, and he thinks they can manage this one.