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Excellent production growth. Largest landholder in the Bakken area with phenomenal production growth. Just acquired a private company (Wave Energy) that increases its land position. 90% of its production is light oil. Add on pullbacks.
Best growth prospects going forward. Has done extremely well in Turkey. More products in the pipeline than most other gold producers. Recently acquired Sino-Gold giving them lots of exploration potential in China.
Of all the banks, it has the best exposure outside of Canada. Latin America is an underdeveloped market in terms of financial services. ROE of about 19%. Strong Tier 1 capital ratios.
Great asset of 20+ barrels of reserves, mostly in North America and politically friendly places. Horizons oil sands project will start producing next quarter and will be up to 500,000 barrels a day over the next few years. Looking at 13% production growth next year and 7% longer-term. Projecting $30 billion cash flow over the next 3 to 4 years and only $15 billion of capital spending.
Has corrected in the last couple of months. Great asset. World's largest potash producer, which gives them an incredible amount of control in terms of supply and pricing. Expecting them to sign a $1000 a ton contract with China and if that happens, it would give them well north of $22 a share in earnings.