Ray Steele
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Vice President of Investments at
Mavrix Fund Management

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A supplier of not just wireless hand sets, but also all the infrastucture that makes wireless networks work. Stock has dropped a bit. Good earnings potential. Reasonable valuation.
Provide security for network communications. One of the leaders in their area. Growth rate has been tremendous. Good earnings.
(Past Top Pick Nov 3/04. Down 19%.) Bought more when it drifted down below $4. A contrarian play. Outlook for it is improving.
(Past Top Pick Nov 3/04. Down 14%.) Outlook for the chip makers has started to improve.
(Past Top Pick Nov 3/04. Up 1%.) Likes the health care sector and the drug makers have been under fire for years and this company has weathered the storm quite well. Decent dividend yield. Solid earnings.