Stock Opinions by Richard Saperstein, Managing director, Treasury Partners

Apple Inc
Free cash flow is $110 billion a year, so there is ongoing return of capital to shareholders. This offers security in an insecure market.
electrical / electronic
He has owned this for years for the dividend. Has a high 15% operating cash flow margin and are spending some on capex, buying back 1% of stock per year and paying a 4.2% dividend, plus a 2% special dividend.
oil / gas
Many biotech companies are trading below their cash levels. He doesn't own the stocks, but is good with ETFs like this. He expects more M&A in biotechs as big pharma buys these companies.
Medtronic Inc
Aging demographics help. It's selling below 2x below its 5-year average, and has a 6% operating cash flow yield. He expects solid earnings next week.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Marathon Oil
82% of the production is domestic. Has a whopping 23% free cash flow yield.
integrated oils
The Ukraine war accelerated trends before the war: the oil shortage, deglobalization and inflation on commodities. This puts more pressure on the Fed which is already behind the curve. The market is way underpricing the war. The Fed must get more aggressive. Both factors make him cautious. Supply chain shortages happened because consumers bulked up on goods during Covid. Post-Covid now, people will shift from buying goods to restaurants and travel--experiences. So, this will lessen pressure on the supply chain and reduce inflation.
It's one of his biggest energy holdings. He started buying this last October and he continues to buy it. No one can predict the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war. Has 11% free cash flow and pays a 3.8% dividend yield. A great hedge in this market.
oil / gas
Citigroup Inc.
In the last 6 months, he cut his bank holdings by 50%. Citi suffers from being too global, and Citi will be under further pressure under this market. Doesn't see a turnaround here. He holds many other US banks.
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