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(A Top Pick Mar 20/20, Up 92%) Still likes it very much. Still lots of value in the FANG stocks. Back to pre-pandemic levels. Regulation is the big concern. Isolating the various pieces like YouTube and Waymo could result in even greater value.
(A Top Pick Mar 20/20, Up 94%) PS5 is winning the console wars. Gaming is great. Continued shift from physical to digital games, and this increases profit margin. PlayStation subscription model doing well. Great image sensor business. Major music content owner.
(A Top Pick Mar 20/20, Up 58%) World leader in offshore wind. Leader in sustainability. Poster child for ESG. Pure play renewable.
Stock's sold off. It's a pure play on renewables, and this makes it more susceptible to rising rates. Risk of rising competition is overblown. Still bullish long-term. Yield is 1.21%. (Price target in Danish krone.) (Analysts’ price target is $1145.40)
One of his favourite semi companies. Continues taking market share from Intel. Massive revenue growth expectations. Xilinx acquisition adds a lot. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $101.03)