Shane Obata
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(A Top Pick Sep 27/19, Down 26%) One of the best old-school infrastructure companies. Great assets including a stake in the 407 -- the crown jewel in concession assets. They are divesting their more volatile assets. He still likes the long term outlook.
(A Top Pick Sep 27/19, Up 31%) He still likes it. They thought back then was their deep library would provide a long viewing runway at a very reasonable price. They will remain one of the core streaming services in the long run, he thinks. It is very wide-appealing.
(A Top Pick Sep 27/19, Down 9%) Still a Top Pick for him. He likes these types of networks that keeps consumers in their "eco-system". It is another way to play AI as well.
With all the uncertainty in the market, he is a little concerned that advertising revenues may fall for the next while. That said, it is a major driver still in online advertising. Regulatory risk seems to have gone out the window near term. It is hard to punish them right now with all the utility they are bringing to consumers at the moment. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $1570.18)
They are benefiting from being a leader in image sensors that is a highly profitable business segment for them. They have exposure to gaming and music as well, which captures value through a subscription business. Yield 0.66% (Analysts’ price target is $81.83)