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(A Top Pick Oct 30/20, Up 8%) Still a lot of growth ahead. Continues to like it. The leader in AI research in the world, especially with predicting how proteins will behave, and will accelerate development in healthcare. Google is extremely well penetrated, so he's not worried about the competition.
(A Top Pick Oct 30/20, Up 21%) Still one of his favourite semiconductor stocks. Has pulled back a bit, as big companies are floating the idea of making chips in-house. Intel's loss is AMD's gain. At the forefront of CPU performance. Tons of room to continue to take market share from Intel and servers, which is the bigger opportunity.
(A Top Pick Oct 30/20, Up 0%) Second biggest REIT in the world. Backdoor way to play e-commerce. Great company. Expecting industry-leading growth. Payout ratio relatively low, expects continued dividend growth.
Stick with things that are working for the long term. He can't say enough good things about its subsidiary, DeepMind, which is the closest thing to generalized AI. Regulatory risk is a serious overhang that will take years to play out. If the units were to be separated, stock would be seriously rerated. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $1933.59)
Europe's biggest utility. His top pick for global transition to clean power. At the forefront of the transition. Based in Italy, operates across multiple geographies. New green deal should provide a lot of funding, of which Enel should be the prime beneficiary. Nice entry point here. Yield is 4.21%. (Analysts’ price target is $9.13)