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His favorite company in the world. They continue to grow revenues at 20% per year under 9 different products. Two products have over two billion users each (Android and YouTube). Maps remains one of the most under-monetized assets, giving lots of upside growth yet to come. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $1402.31)
They have 62 million subscribers in the US and over 90 million elsewhere. In 2018, international revenues exceeded domestic. Loss of content will not cause viewers to leave -- it is still streaming versus linear tv. He still thinks they do well. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $374.01)
A defensive real asset holding. A Spanish listed infrastructure company with a list of world-class assets. They own over 43% of the 407 ETR -- high quality, high margin business with a long life (until 2098). It trades at a premium to peers, but there is still catch up in value, he believes. Yield 2.77% (Analysts’ price target is $29.08)