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(A Top Pick Mar 20/20, Up 51%) He continues to like it. It's not expensive relative to other tech stocks. Their gaming business has helped offset weakness in streaming and smartphone business because of covid.
(A Top Pick Mar 20/20, Up 47%) They continue to stay with it. The largest off-shore wind company in the world. The CEO recently left but the stock barely moved. It has gone higher since, so it shows strong interest and money flowing into the market. The policy backdrop is very supportive of green energy.
(A Top Pick Mar 20/20, Up 41%) A very diversified company with many different products and divisions that customers love. Regulation is a risk, but consumers will continue to use these products.
It has underperformed recently, especially with the lack of revenue from airline advertisement. They have over a billion customers. An ecosystem stock that increases consumer stickiness. The premium is worth paying, especially with a 20% growth expectation. (Analysts’ price target is $1720.48)
A great all-weather company. Revenue has always remained stable going back 20 years. The stock cannot lose. The value proposition for customers is hard to argue. The gross margin is very low compared to peer groups. Retention rates are at 90%. Their e-commerce segment is also growing at 75%. (Analysts’ price target is $336.46)