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Stock Opinions by Shane Obata


Inverse relationship between interest rates and tech stocks not always the case given tech performance recently.
Optimistic that interest rates are peaking - specifically on the 10 year yield.
Markets might be going through a normalization as the economy recovers from Covid-19.
Believes NASDAQ 100 is in over-bought phase (markets are too frothy). 
Given recent highs in stock market indexes - believes economy is strong. 

NVIDIA Corporation

Current pullback in share price a good time to buy.
Expecting great Q4 results.
Momentum in company stock price is also in its favor.
Beneficiary of A.I. tailwinds. 
Earnings expectations are going to get even better. 
Currently very difficult to get chips made by company. 

computer software / processing

Global leader in luxury with best portfolio of brands under ownership.
Very resilient business with diversification across business lines.
Fashion and leather goods - engine of profits.
Higher-end consumers not under pressure.
China lifting ban on group travel will also help.

Eaton Corp.

Excellent share performance this year.
Electrical equipment for supply generation and distribution.
USA focus excellent for performance of business.
Excellent company for clean power space.
Great long term hold despite premium in share price. 

electrical / electronic
Amazon.com, Inc.

(A Top Pick Nov 04/23, Up 51%)

Will continue to hold shares - expecting further share performance.
Company starting to turn the corner on profitability.
Realizing efficiencies in retail market.
Acceleration in AWS performance. 
Advertising business also growing.

specialty stores
(A Top Pick Nov 04/23, Up 5%)

Continues to own shares. 
Pricing power remains strong (able to keep up with inflation).
Excellent operator under current CEO.
Good portfolio of assets - snack business also growing.

food processing
(A Top Pick Nov 04/23, Down 1%)

Share performance recently lagging, however performance strong all year.
Slowly growing with stable dividend.
Concerns for competition from the USA not a big worry.
CAPEX expected to come down which will help cash flow.
Expecting more increased dividends & more share buy backs. 

communications / media
Visa Inc.

Opening up the market for other credit cards outside Visa/Mastercard not a concern.
Tremendous company with excellent brand and value proposition.
Would recommend holding for the long term.

other services
Paramount Global

Potential takeout target.
Broadcasting segment adds complexity to business. 
Berkshire Hathaway owns ~15% of shares (good sign).
Tough environment with competition from Netflix and Disney.

communications / media

Company is a defensive name that is a safe investment.
Excellent share price performance grounded in fundamentals.
Not expensive compared to other tech companies.
Growth continues to remain strong.

computer software / processing

Owns share in company and will continue to hold.
Legacy business of radio support is valuable (emergency services etc.)
Public safety (security cameras etc.) segment of business also valuable.
Expecting further growth in revenues.
Current share price high, but worth owning. 

communications / media
Apple Inc

Tech sector setting up for year-end rally.
Recent share pullback presenting a good time to buy.
Expecting further growth.
Fundamentally one of the best businesses in the world.
Extraction of further subscription value from user base will be main company goal.

electrical / electronic

Excellent brand name recognition.
Stock has performed well recently.
Recovery in PC market will help business.
Trending towards "return to office" which is good for hardware suppliers. 

electrical / electronic

Excellent company with strong product.
60% market share of semi-conductor business.
Best technology within sector.
Expecting further share growth.
Good long-term hold with A.I. tailwinds. 
Does not think geopolitical tensions with China will affect business. 

electrical / electronic
Walt Disney Co.

Great assets with legacy content.
Very strong collection of brands (Marvel, Pixar etc.)
Current share price weakness creating opportunity.
Weakness in TV segment not a concern.
High costs of content creation a concern.
Theme park business resilient. 

entertainment services
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