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Stock Opinions by Andrew Pyle


Oil's steady move up could affect the Fed's decision on rates this Wednesday. Diesel prices have gone way up and refineries may move more into diesel production and away from gasoline production. This will drive gasoline prices up even more, so therefore more inflation. This then leads to less disposable income for discretionary spending and creates a more dismal view for investors looking ahead to 2024.

Nutrien Ltd.

He has added more with the pullback. It has exposure to other fertilizers besides potash. Headwinds from the springtime are lessening and fertilizer demand is good for the long term.

Northland Power Inc

There has been a big pullback. It has great offshore properties as well as onshore. Headwinds caused by high interest rates should lessen.


There has been some cooling off in the tech sector and maybe more to come. However there is long term growth which comes from the semi-conductor sector. Since the sector is overheated wait for a better opportunity before buying.

electrical / electronic
Shopify Inc.

It's a bit pricey but he likes it. Online shopping will continue to grow and SHOP is a mainstay for Canada.

American Tower

It leases tower space to cell phone providers. It has had good results and is well positioned and cheap. It does have exposure to dish and the dish network has been in decline.

Great West Lifeco

It has done extremely well and has good client retention.

Telus Corp

It is at a good valuation now, being near its low. Has a solid dividend and dividend growth rate. In general telecom stocks are down and there are competition concerns for the sector but this should not be a major concern.

telephone utilities
Lundin Mining Corp.

Copper is a great strategy for the medium to long term. Investors will sift through companies in the base metal sector. There are concerns re economic weakness so wait before getting into copper companies.

metal mines

The question was on companies that build small modular reactors. This is a growing space since these can be built in a factory as opposed to large scale site development of nuclear reactors. There are not a lot of companies in this space. Rolls Royce is one of them but it has other divisions as well. The New Scale Power Company is one of the companies dealing specifically with SMR's and it has been approved in the U.S.

Energy Infrastructure, Industrials & Utilities
TC Energy
(A Top Pick Oct 11/22, Down 4%)

It has not been a good year for the stock or the space in general but some companies are coming back. It pays a good dividend and has plans to sell some assets which will be good for paying down debt. It is selling an oil pipeline but it doesn't look to be at a great multiple. He has been buying more.

oil / gas pipelines
Cameco Corporation
(A Top Pick Oct 11/22, Up 51%)

The switch to renewables doesn't cover all the energy needs so nuclear will play a role in clean energy. Uranium prices should get even stronger.

integrated mines
Open Text
(A Top Pick Oct 11/22, Up 54%)

It is involved in the AI space and has been integrating it into their product solutions. It has done well with the tech bounce. He could see a further pullback before getting back into it.

computer software / processing

It is a cyclical stock and he sees a pullback in the economy. There may not be even a soft landing so rates could still rise. He is not keen on railway stocks.

Cargojet Inc

He likes it and there is an opportunity to start buying it with the pullback. A sustained high energy valuation could be a headwind.

Transportation & Environmental Services
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