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Stock Opinions by Andrew Pyle


Markets ended Q1 a lot different than expected back in early January (TSX up about 6% and the S&P 10%). It was the teflon quarter, because news wasn't that great. There was a reversal in expected Fed policy, but the market didn't pull back. There's still optimism heading into Q2. Consensus says that rates cut start in June, but inflation data could change the Fed's plans and that would impact market optimism. Friday's job numbers if they are strong will push a June cut to later and impact stocks lower.

American Express

A hold for the next 3-5 years. The stock has done extremely well. It's looking expensive. Don't add to it now.

investment companies / funds

IT's had a good run and is well-positioned given a strong order book for construction in Canada and Seattle. Shares stall just above $18, so he wants to see it break above $20 and hold that floor. It's in a consolidation phase. Fundamentals are still quite positive.


Most renewables over the 18 months have been under pressure due to aggressive rate hikes, but if rates decline mid-2024, you can add to this, just based on valuations.


The current pullback is an opportunity. Their US business remains sound where there will be a build out of store and merchandise. The pullback is very short term. A headwind would be a slowing economy in North America or Europe. But if rate cuts happen this year, we'll be fine; the consumer will be fine. But if cuts don't come, the consumer will not be fine.

food stores
Finning Int

A long-term hold. If rate cuts happen, the economy will improve. Capex spending has already improved and that is benefitting FTT. 

wholesale distributors

Many retailers are coming off a rough quarter, but CTC is a seasonally sensitive stock. Last winter saw weak demand for winter items like snowblowers (due to a mild winter), and that's impacted CTC shares. Assuming regular seasonal weather in spring and summer, business should pick up. Hold if you already own and don't sell. He doesn't see long-term weakness.

specialty stores
For a TFSA

Good for TFSA. The company is on solid footing with the energy outlook positive for 2-3 years. Oil prices today are higher than last year's expectations. Also, we haven't seen the oil exploration which is normal for this part of the cycle. Be careful, given the emergence of EVs which is a long-term trend, though term there are question marks.

oil / gas

Good to own given AI adoption, rising demand for data centres and cloud computing. AVGO fundamentals are excellent.

BCE Inc.
Dividend safe?

Yes. But we're seeing a negative total return in the past year, despite a high dividend.

telephone utilities

It's done extremely well since the company made a major change in 2023 and has exceeded expectations. Almost no dividend, so returns are in the share price. This will continue to do well though now in a consolidation pattern. Good to own.

(A Top Pick Mar 07/23, Up 2%)

Following a disastrous 2022 for bonds, early 2023 was a good time to start buying into this, namely Canadian government bonds. Headwinds have been the last leg of fighting inflation--getting inflation down has been tough. He now thinks interest rates will go down, but not as fast as the street believes. Still owns this, which will do well when rate cuts come.

(A Top Pick Mar 07/23, Down 0.4%)

A tough one for him, but fundamentals remain sound, despite recent concerns over their debt. Look through that. Acquisition in the U.S. will be accretive. Dividend is attractive. Pays a decent return and will hold on.

oil / gas pipelines
Power Corp
(A Top Pick Mar 07/23, Up 10%)

A solid company. Rock solid fundamentals. Earnings growth will meet or beat consensus. Trend for the rest of this year into 2025 remains positive.

mngmnt / diversified
Fortis Inc.
Fortis vs. ZWU

ZWU's covered call will pay a higher dividend, though FTS' is solid and growing. ZWU pays more income because you're selling calls. The downside is that as interest rates decline, utilities will improve and you will lose that upside if you hold ZWU and not a plain ETF or Fortis itself. If you are positive utilities, don't use a covered call ETF.

electrical utilities
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