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Stock Opinions by Andrew Pyle


Nobody should be shocked with Jerome Powell's hawkish comments now about raising rates sooner, if needed, given economic data. There's some talk that the Fed will hike rates next by 75 basis points, not 50, though he disagrees with this. Powell is saying that he will do what it takes to get the job done--tame inflation. The economy is okay now, but we will get a lot more tightening until the early part of 2024 may see an economic crunch. The TSX will re-test its 19,150 level in light of these new rates. Though, the Bank of Canada says it will pause hikes, while the U.S. will raise faster. The reality may fall in the middle.


It comes down to the Rogers deal, which the street thinks will happen, but this is the fourth deadline extension. The deal has been priced into shares, so there isn't much upside. Better to buy Rogers or Telus than Shaw.

Methanex Corp

Likes it. He just took profits. Natural gas is driving shares, and nat gas prices are down now, so MX shares are up. It's a solid performer, but if a recession happens, say 6 months down the road, this will be a headwind.


The valuation is now attractive. This is not a bad entry point. A risk is compressed net interest margins. Could be more downside on banks given recession fears.


Many seek safety in the bond market, unless you get years like 2022 and 2023 when interest rates rise quickly. Also, a long-dated bond is risky if rates run up like last year. That said, bonds have better return prospects than stocks. If we enter a recession, the more likely there will be rate cuts and the longer the term of the bonds the greater the price impact. Hang on, don't sell, if you already own.

BCE Inc.

One to own for a portfolio. The dividend is fairly safe, a cut unlikely. The stock has a constructive chart and he's been adding on dips.

telephone utilities
Ford Motor

He isn't playing in this space now. Car sales have been a lot more resilient than many expected. Ford just said it will increase production in 2023, adding lines. But the US Fed said today there will likely be more rate hikes which will pressure car sales. Be careful. Either trim or watch.

TC Energy

He's been adding to this since last fall. Energy prices are undervalued. Oil could return to $100/barrel depending on China's reopening. He likes TRP's dividend.

oil / gas pipelines
Air Canada

Shares have come down to make this an opportunity. Global travel is coming back in a very strong way.

WSP Global Inc.
(A Top Pick Apr 05/22, Up 10%)

Has owned this for years. A play on the infrastructure build. Very well managed. A huge global infrastructure consulting firm. Shares are a little high, but he isn't selling or adding more.

Business Services
Linamar Corp
(A Top Pick Apr 05/22, Up 47%)

He took profits. At the time he was looking at the effect of the Russian invasion on supply lines. LNR had a good inventory control system. Very well-managed. He will buy this again when we pass these macro economic headwinds.

transportation equip & components
(A Top Pick Apr 05/22, Down 7%)

He was too early in the Chinese reopening and still doesn't know the direction China will take. Also, the stronger US dollar didn't help.


Shares have taken an $18 hit since September. He's owned this for a while, and has been adding shares in the past month as shares fall. The dividend yield is 4.5%

Energy Infrastructure, Industrials & Utilities

The stock has been sideways for several months, but the stock is resilient through past cycles, so he likes it. A retail you want if there's a recession.

department stores
Mid-sized US banks

Rising rates in the US means compressed margins, which is a concern. The big banks can borrow, issue shares and buffer their capital reserves, but the mid-sized ones can't. Better to buy a big bank.

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