Andrew Pyle
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Senior wealth advisor and portfolio manager at
The Pyle Group, Scotia Wealth Mgt.

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(A Top Pick Nov 15/18, Down 37%) Canadian oil remains troubled. At the time, Mullen had decent value, but that has declined in the past year. Disappointed.
(A Top Pick Nov 15/18, Up 20%) It's more of a trading stock now. Returns were better a few weeks ago before the telco pullback. Still holds and likes it.
(A Top Pick Nov 15/18, Up 21%) He's starting to exit it after the merger deal was announced. It's a speculative stock. Some may not buy this because it is in the gambling space and that will hurt the stock. A good time to take some profits.
They just reported earnings and beat the street. This will rise in tomorrow's trading. He's been adding to it. (Analysts’ price target is $49.78)
He's returning to this after its complete stock meltdown. It's not a big dividend player, but the valuation compels to buy this for the short/mid-term. He's 20% upside for the next 12 months. (Analysts’ price target is $69.67)