Andrew Pyle
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Senior wealth advisor and portfolio manager at
The Pyle Group, Scotia Wealth Mgt.

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(A Top Pick May 29/19, Down 8%) He recently added to this. It's a five-year play on the gambling sector that's supposed to grow 20% a year. TSGI has positioned itself well, but investor appetizer is not there right now, hence the pullback in May.
(A Top Pick May 29/19, Up 4%) He prefers owning a basket of diversified, global healthcare stocks, not just Canada. XHC is hedged, so there's no currency risk. He owns it for these two reasons.
(A Top Pick May 29/19, Up 15%) He still likes it, but it's getting pricey so he may lighten up on it. Definitely want to own this going into a recession, more so than say Canadian Tire.
It hasn't performed well lately; it'll bottom in the $20's. Likes it now, because they're positioned well in the bus sector. What's interesting is that they're branching away from diesel into electric buses--the future. They're ahead of the curve. It's not a large-cap stock, so don't throw a lot of money into it, but it's a good entry point now. (Analysts’ price target is $38.50)
Very speculative. It's a long-term lithium play. We will still buy e-cars, even though today's data showed a one-month drop in sales. LAC is another way to green your portfolio, like NFI-T. E-cars will be normal in 20 years. (Analysts’ price target is $12.68)