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(Past Top Pick April 17, 2018, Up 21%) They're a managed-care provider, providing insurance to a company's employees, as well as seniors, and Medicaid, a state-run program to benefit low-income folks. Increasingly, states are outsourcing this administration of programs to outside companies. 10,000-11,000 people turn 65 everyday in the States and some of those will buy ANTM's product. New CEO has fine experience. Valuation is attractive vs. its peers.
(Past Top Pick April 17, 2018, Up 15%) Them and Home Depot occupy half the home improvement market. Secular tailwinds are attractive. Handyman skills are declining among consumers, so Lowe's business of sending contractors to houses is growing (and buying supplies for these projects from Lowes). Big share buybacks and heavy free cash flow. Good balance sheet. If there's an economic downturn, yes, their business will get hit, but Lowes will sustain this rough patch.
(Past Top Pick April 17, 2018, Up 25%) Their customers are fiercely loyal. Unnoticed is their internal semi-conductor development as well as their ability to combine hardware and software. (Also a top pick.)
Terrific long-term. Their eco-system is very strong with loyal customers, and there's a transition from Android phones to iPhones. They have over $100-billion in cash overseas after debt. Most of that will boost the dividend and share buybacks. He disagrees that Apple is no longer innovative, like the A.I. on their phones. Surveys show that iPhones are popular with teens, who will likely stay with Apple when they become adults. (1.32% dividend yield, Analysts' price target: not given)
An auto parts supplier of electric components and infotainment and safety measures. They're exposed to includes advanced driver assistance safety, self-driving cars and e-cars. Modst leverage and buying back a lot of stock. Also making smart acquisitions. (1.19% dividend yield, Analysts' price target: not given)