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Stock Opinions by Jordan McNamee


They have grown 50% a year. Last year they had an execution issue and dropped their guidance. He found they were growing too aggressively and it was irritating customers. People didn’t understand this was the problem. Over the last two quarters they have been beating expectations. They are at 20% free cash flow growth now. (Analysts’ target: $165.00).


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An enterprise software company that made a bunch of acquisitions over the last few years. You are investing in management and their ability to deploy capital. He likes it. He cautions that you have to pay the right price for the stock.

Business Services

It is quite mature in the smart phone industry. But over the long term they would not be a good compounder. Their big growth is behind them.

electrical / electronic

It is an incredible company, an absolutely dominant business. However they manage in a way that does not look shareholder first. No one cares about the risks if the stock is going up. The government could suddenly exercise controls.


They had significant amount of success. He does not feel it will grow faster than people think it will so he stays on the sidelines. Expectations are very high and it is reflected in the market.

computer software / processing

He likes it a lot. They are disrupting the supply chain industry. They are well managed and there is a lot of insider ownership. He does not think the current issue with a customer will impact the company.


They can acquire businesses at attractive valuations then run them well. He likes it a lot and thinks the management team is top notch.


They report tomorrow. It is a great company but every morning he has to wake up and decided if it has the best risk/reward and he does not think that right now. The allegations against them are not that valid but a lot of people probably sold on the announcement because they didn’t know much about the company.

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