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He likes the health care sector and improving demographics. This is one of the leading drug store chains in the US and has the scale to keep costs down. It has reached an agreement to buy AETNA to help vertically integrate them into insurance. It trades at a great valuation of 10 times earnings and has a payout ratio of only 30%. Yield 2.9%. (Analysts’ price target is $88.10 )
It is the third largest company in poultry. It is at great value right now on the price pullback caused by fear over trade wars and inflation. It is now trading at well under 10 times earnings. They have almost no debt. Yield 1.1%. (Analysts’ price target is $119.45 )
With gold prices having retreated and with inflation in the air, gold is a great hedge for all the “what ifs” out there. This fund holds 35 different blue chips and the fund is currently trading at a 15% discount to the NAV of the holdings within it.
(A Top Pick September 5/17 Up 12%) He still likes this, including the close to 4% yield. It is probably the “bluest” blue chip out there in the health sector.
(A Top Pick September 5/17 Up 17%) Investors are probably liking this better than Exxon (XOM-N), due to its cost cutting measures and development of LNG in Australia.