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(A Top Pick Aug 22/16. Up 72.36%.) A financial company, but unlike banks, it is not highly levered. It is basically in insurance business, more so they are in the business of providing financial advice for a fee.
(A Top Pick Aug 22/16. Up 54.49%.) A small-cap bank. If you are risk averse, he would advise you to get out of the stock. If not, the story is still good. Thinks there is still some upside, especially if interest rates go up.
(A Top Pick Aug 22/16. Up 50.26%.) This is really 2 companies, insurance and a provider of 4O1K in pension plans, which is a great business. There was some concern about this company, because of new regulations from the Obama administration, which have been delayed for about 1.5 years. Has a terrific cash flow.
A cheap technology stock. Cheap from the point of view of P/E ratio, cash flow, and is nowhere near its all-time high. They make networking systems equipment. Their customers are all the telephone companies of the world, mostly Europe and North America. The numbers have been terrific lately. They lost some business to competitors, but have some new products out. Dividend yield of 3.38%. (Analysts’ price target is $36.) All 3 of his picks are below their all-time highs.
This makes equipment for furniture and carpet padding. Their 2 biggest customers are Ford (F-N) and Toyota (TM-N). They just announced earnings, and revenues were up 6%. Any time you get 6% top line growth, that is terrific. On top of that, they announced that they increased their dividend, which is the 47th year in a row they’ve increased the dividend. Dividend yield of 3.01%. (Analysts’ price target is $53.) All 3 of his picks are below their all-time highs.