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They deliver time-sensitive packages by plane. Likes it, and has been adding to it. But it can be a little volatile, so it is a shorter-term trade. It's had a great run-up in the past year. Wait for a pullback to $100. (Analysts’ price target is $117.50)
Has excellent supply in pork, beef and chicken, and are now making packaged dinners. China is a key customer. (Analysts’ price target is $98.85)
Fine managers and boasts a long runway of growth. Strong upward chart and he continues to like it. It's a B2B tech stock. (Analysts’ price target is $115.85)
(Past Top Pick on January 26, 2018, Down 15%) He sold at $7.17. He bought it because it was a turnaround story. Mutual fund companies got hit in February. He lost less than 7% and moved on.
(Past Top Pick on January 26, 2018, Up 4%) They store and transport grain. Agriculture is a growing sector because of population growth and rising living standards in emerging markets. They aren't hurt by fluctating grain prices, but benefit from rising grain volume. There's a good runway for growth.