Elliott Fishman
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Director of U.S. and international equity trading at
Trading Services Group, Scotia Wealth

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(A Top Pick Mar 11/19, Up 16%) He'd continue to hold it. Thinks it will get back to the recent highs.
(A Top Pick Mar 11/19, Up 2%) It's holding. Thought we'd get a nice bounce, but it's treading water. It's more of a protection play, you don't need to jump in right away.
(A Top Pick Mar 11/19, Up 2%) Really good day trade. Not a happy place to be as a retail investor. Not something you need to own right away. Chart's gone straight up for so long, but now facing some turbulence. Now it's a hold or a watch.
Own because of where it is. Testing support lines, and that's where he likes it. At least 10% upside from here. Yield is 2.81%. (Analysts’ price target is $205.03)
Suffering along with retailers. A rare test of support, and it holds every time it does that. 10% upside. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $241.25)