Elliott Fishman
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Director of U.S. and international equity trading at
Trading Services Group, Scotia Wealth

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(A Top Pick Jul 09/19, Up 7%) It’s acting well. Would continue to own it here. It’s on its way back to the $60s.
(A Top Pick Jul 09/19, Down 7%) It’s a longer term hedge, so would still own it. It’s come off more than it should have. The stock is worth $25 higher than where it’s at now.
(A Top Pick Jul 09/19, Down 0.3%) It’s not a short term investment. The next resistance is at $50. Doesn’t seem any weakness here. Would continue to hold it.
It’s hit the 52-week low. Likes it here, and it’s in a good spot. The risk is higher for it to go higher than lower.
Stocks like this have a history of bouncing back from a sell off. It’s at the low end of its trading range and would be buying it here.