Elliott Fishman
Member since: Dec '15
Director of U.S. and international equity trading at
Trading Services Group, Scotia Wealth

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(A Top Pick Nov 19/19, Down 4%) Long-term, banks are fine. Not a trade, but a hold. Now could be a buying opportunity.
(A Top Pick Nov 19/19, Up 2%) Two days ago, it was up 12%, but the coronavirus has really pressured this. Buy this on any pullback.
(A Top Pick Nov 19/19, Up 11%) The gains have surprised him. Good. If you're holding long-term, continue to hold. If you're trading this, you can do it now.
It's built a long-term base and is gaining momentum, heading to $80. He feels the momentum has turned, definitely. (Analysts’ price target is $72.29)
It's showing good momentum, finally popping above problem levels. It also pays a 6% dividend. He targets $60. The chart looks strong. (Analysts’ price target is $55.83)