Elliott Fishman
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Director of U.S. and international equity trading at
Trading Services Group, Scotia Wealth

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(A Top Pick Sep 09/19, Down 3%) They bad a bad quarter, bad earnings. Sell it and take your lumps.
(A Top Pick Sep 09/19, Up 9%) He likes the oil space and would buy SU now. SU has good volumes.
(A Top Pick Sep 09/19, Up 4%) He doesn't see upside in the drug space. He won't sell it, but won't add to it. This sector will be quiet as others rally. Hold.
Any big Canadian bank is fine. It's consolidated a lot. It's underperformed its peers, but now it's ready to break out and will make up lost ground. For once, he doesn't need to chase it. (Analysts’ price target is $78.13)
2018 was awful for casino stocks, but now it is poking up. He sees $40 easy and wouldn't sell it to that price. (Analysts’ price target is $34.61)