Elliott Fishman
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Director of U.S. and international equity trading at
Trading Services Group, Scotia Wealth

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(A Top Pick May 24/19, Up 10%) He's still bullish on it. The stock shows good volume. Unless there's a pullback, this will continue to rise.
(A Top Pick May 24/19, Up 6%) A slow-moving stock. At $220 it will hit resistance, but it has momentum and will go higher.
(A Top Pick May 24/19, Up 6%) The momentum is strong with good volume. It's been on an uptrend since late-2018. He would not sell it here.
He looks for a stock that's in a rough moment and this one is. It's testing its 100-week moving average of $47.75 and it closed right at it. This is super volatile. It's tested a shoulder, bounced back a little, and is now testing an important part. It's collapsed from $60. $50 is the first stop of some sort and momentum could carry this to the mid-$50's. (Analysts’ price target is $52.24)
Names like this take time and are very volatile. It's weathered the storm and now spending time around $2.30. It's ready to go back up with strong momentum perhaps over 5 weeks. (Analysts’ price target is $288.52)