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This is the largest consolidated outpatient imaging in the US. There are about 6500 clinics that provides imaging services on an outpatient basis and RadNet has been consolidating the space. They have a few hundred of these, so there a lot more growth is possible. The private-clinic model is increasingly popular because it provides patients with lower copays. (Analyst’s price target is $16.33)
This is positioning itself to become the Amazon and the Uber of the cannabis world, with 20 ecommerce sites across 20 countries. The stock had a huge runup because everyone was excited by the model, but it pulled back. This is a good time to get in. The company has $30 million in cash and will be doing further acquisitions. They have two unique platforms: One is for Namaste MD where patients can get prescriptions. The other, Cannmart, allows patients to buy cannabis online. Namaste will be one of the few licensees that sells cannabis but does not cultivate it. They are awaiting for Health Canada approval (Analyst’s price target is not provided)
Ten percent of their business (or substantially more) goes into crypto mining operations. Their financials are good. A competitor is about to go public with an $8 billion valuation and this will be a catalyst for the stock (Analyst’s price target is $24)
(A Top Pick April 4/14. Down 2.34%.) This continues to be a core holding. Have a really defensive business model in a low commodity price environment. Only about 10% of their EBITDA is exposed directly to commodity prices. The other 90% is contracted or regulated assets. They have a number of catalysts that could come out this year that will be positive for the share price including a final investment decision on their LNG project in BC, more announcements on their LPG exports to Asia and their natural gas plant in California is looking at an expansion. Have been growing their dividend and she thinks there is still dividend growth to come. They have about $1.5 billion committed to capital growth in the next 3 years. A very good balanced diversified asset base, a 3rd in utilities, a 3rd in natural gas processing and a 3rd power generation. Long-term, good holds in a good quality company.
(A Top Pick April 4/14. Down 41.36%.) Made some money on this and sold her holdings at around $70. The largest energy engineering company globally, and at that time she was really focused on LNG. A few years ago they bought a company called Shaw, which was in the nuclear space. With that acquisition they inherited a lot of projects, and things got worse and worse with delays and expenditure overruns. Started reporting quarters with big negative cash flows.