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(Top Pick Jan 24/13, Down 8.99%) He got out somewhere in the mid $40s. Same store sales were not coming in where he wanted them to come in. There is some question as to how the CEO can pull strings to get one company to help another. Likes it over the long term but he stays on the sidelines for now.
(Top Pick Jan 24/13, 5.28%) Pretty good dividend. He recently bought more. Recently had a setback that will delay some growth. He would still own this. Dividend is safe. Could see dividend move up in 24 months.
(Top Pick Jan 24/13, Up 1.75%) He is happy with the 30% he has received and questions above return calculation. Thinks it will continue to move up as they prove out their asset.
No one has recognized them for what they have. They are held back because some of their billing cycle works a year in arrears. As listings come up it will benefit them. Have close to a billion in tax losses so someone could buy them and thinks that will happen.
Market leader in orthotics and prosthetic space. Medicare slowed down their billing cycle. Now 95% of questioned transactions have gone through. 10 times market share of nearest competitor. Solid growth (organic). It is currently below the radar. He has owned it for years and recently bought more.