Jennifer Radman
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(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Down 15%) She would buy this one again. The fundamentals continue to do well even though the stock does nothing. The multiple is very cheap and there is a lot of cash flow and momentum in the business. There is a lot of good things happening in this stock.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Up 10%) They handle communication networks for emergency services. They have done a good job of building an end-to-end solution. Some spending took a pause through COVID but now it seems like business momentum is starting to look better. She likes the mission-critical part of the business.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Up 22%) They sell technology into restaurants. They continue to be in the right places. This would also be a recovery play
They just reported a great quarter and a great 2022 outlook. It is a cyclical recovery trade; There is a valuation upside trade for free; There were great JVs announced. It checks a lot of the boxes. (Analysts’ price target is $114.84)
A recovery opening trade. They reported some hedging losses that initially caused a sell off. The next few quarters will be very, very strong. They are a low cost producer. The do not have a peak multiple so there is upside there. (Analysts’ price target is $28.50)