Jennifer Radman
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(A Top Pick Jan 17/17. Down 18%.) Everything played out in terms of the macro tailwinds that she had seen, but the company was so successful in taking market share from its smaller peers, that they decided they didn't want that to continue happening, so there was pricing pressure in one of their significant sectors. She sold her holdings after the latest earnings report.
(A Top Pick Jan 17/17. 0% return.) There are really 3 players that dominate the entire space, and she switched to the leading player, Amerisourcebergen (ABC-N).
(A Top Pick Jan 17/17. Up 13%.) Still thinks this is underperforming from where it should. Nothing has fundamentally changed. Thinks the upcoming quarter will be very good.
This has been really beaten up and lagging its competitors. Some exposure to the oil/gas industry, being Edmonton-based, put some stigma around it. It’s the 3rd largest design firm in North America. Thinks a lot of headwinds they’ve been seeing are behind them now. 5% free cash flow yield. Dividend yield of 1.4%. (Analysts' price target is $39.50.)
This has technology that optimizes the powertrain. That’s important, because you have all these regulations that come out on vehicle emissions globally, and thinks this one is being grouped in with the North American peak auto fears, but most of their revenue is from outside of North America, and they have powerful tailwinds from regulatory standards coming out. Also, they make about 5X more on electric vehicles. (Analysts' price target is $60.)