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Stock Opinions by Jennifer Radman

Market. The market is very good at pricing things in, and in this case inflation. The market did not react to hearing there was inflation. Anyone looking to allocate capital has to make bets a long way down the road. There are values on some value stocks that are still pretty low.
It was negatively impacted by parks. As all their markets open up they think traffic will be better than before COVID. The subscriber stats were not as strong as people had expected. They have an unmatched level of content. It will be a buy if you think the subscriber numbers will continue to improve.
entertainment services
The consumer staples sector had been an under-performer. Now it is still a headwind. It is a defensive piece for a portfolio, however.
food processing
It is one of her larger positions. It is going to continue to be a very solid investment. They are continuing to build their businesses that have a big competitive moat around them. She thinks this a pretty good entry point for a very high quality company.
computer software / processing
It is one of her larger holdings. The market has started to pick up on the story a little bit. She feels there is still a lot of runway here.
It is at a good entry point for a long term hold. Repair and renovation has been very strong. New household formations are still in the initial innings as millennials start to move out of the home.
specialty stores
With rates moving up since last summer it has been positive for the lenders. This is more of the driver of the business than any company-specific story. The story is muddier now so she is not going into it.
The commodity price is always going to be the main driver. She has been adding to her position. There is a lot of good things happening at the company.
(A Top Pick Oct 07/20, Up 14%) She exited the position when the market started to move from COVID winners to recovery stories. It has held up quite well. She thinks the trends are very much still in place.
(A Top Pick Oct 07/20, Up 27%) It is a very active fund. It started to get included in ETFs. This was a one-time positive re-rating. She is selling into that strength.
computer software / processing
(A Top Pick Oct 07/20, Up 24%) Environmental and water themes. They had a very strong quarter. There are a lot of good things happening there. She has been adding to it recently. There is a lot of runway and they are well positioned.
It is still 40% off its pre-COVID high. They now have good bookings and load factors. Flights will continue to be added to the market. Business travel is a bit more of a question mark. She thinks it will catch on again. They may still be able to cut costs and get profitability back to pre-COVID levels before traffic has fully returned.
The payout is pretty high on their 5% dividend. If you want the yield it is a good option, though.
telephone utilities
It is a stable holding, which has in fact been a headwind. It will probably ebb and flow. There are some company specific catalysts there as well, though.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
The whole group has traded together. There have been some big pull backs. We have to get past them. There is certainly no change to the drivers of the business. This is probably not the worst time to own them.
electrical utilities
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