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(Top Pick Oct 3/14, Down 50.46%) He was driven out of it by some external circumstances. He thinks it will have a pretty good run-up as things improve. It is probably a late cycle stock.
(Top Pick Oct 3/14, Down 22.35%) It has performed fairly well in the context of this market. It is not overly levered. It gets great traction amongst some of the firms that follow it. He sold some, but will stick with them from here.
(Top Pick Oct 3/14, Down 31.74%) They have done a great job. Their business plan is to take advantage of low gas prices, which they still are.
It is his number one growth story. The management team has been absolutely spectacular in two previous iterations. When this market moves it will absolutely be a go to name and institutions will pile into it. They have incredible assets.
They were correct to reduce the dividend. It has great oil leverage and is in Saskatchewan where there will be no NDP fall out regarding royalties. When the market comes back, this one will go very quickly.