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(A Top Pick May 07/19, Up 14%) He still likes it and it is a decent weighting in his portfolios. It hasn't been a huge gainer in the market bounce back, but he likes the stability. They cleaned up the balance sheet on selling a large assets. Earnings expected to grow 5% annually. Yield 4.5%
(A Top Pick May 07/19, Up 12%) At the time he thought they would make an acquisition and they did, adding a cloud based company. They install and sell cloud services. As they continue moving into the cloud the multiples will continue to rise.
(A Top Pick May 07/19, Down 15%) The made an acquisition that was slow to yield returns for a couple of quarters. When they reported a slow down in Asia earlier this year, it may have been an early victim to effects of the upcoming pandemic. He thinks this may mean they are an earlier beneficiary to a post-pandemic recovery. He continues to like it.
Robot factories and processes. On-shoring and building new plants will create good opportunities for them. They are quite undervalued to their peers and have a great cash flow profile. They have been involved in developing COVID-19 testing kits. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $25.42)
A growth name to add involved in monitoring supply chain activity. They are knocking it out the park with 20% sales growth annually and a large backlog of orders with good margins. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $173.33)