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(A Top Pick May 07/19, Up 12%) They've been executing well, though hurricanes effected their last quarter. Looking ahead there will be double-digit returns. He will add if this falls to the low-50s.
(A Top Pick May 07/19, Up 7%) They are great acquirers. Their last acquisition should be 10% accretive, but there are questions about that. But he's not concerned; he's confident based on their track record. Their valuation discount will close when they put up consistent cloud results (which they've been doing) and doing more acquisitions. Buy this int he mid-$50's.
(A Top Pick May 07/19, Up 3%) They were serial earnings beaters with positive surprises, but they recently stumbled with an acquisition and resin pricing has created volatility. They are getting back on track. Given the macro picture, they aren't buying as much as they usual do. He's hanging onto this, expecting strong earnings beats, and they have a lot of cash to make those buys.
He picked this last time. It's a great growth-by-acquisition story, buying up medical scanning businesses in Florida and Texas. They're expanding margins to around 25%. They reported a fine quarter lately. Many people are getting MRI scans; hospitals charge a lot for this and insurers are encouraging insurance holders to get these scans in hospitals. AKU is are consolidating what they have now, and they will continue to buy more companies in the years to come. (Analysts’ price target is $7.52)
Their businesses are closets, painting and restoration--property management. It's a solid mid-single-digit organic grower. They're benefiting from the American real estate market, especially multi-residential. They grow by acquisition, making nice tuck-ins. It's well-run. He's owned this before and re-entered it recently from a recent pullback from weak earnings. (Analysts’ price target is $132.65)