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(A Top Pick Jul 24/19, Up 13%) It pulled back in the summer with a rotation into cyclicals, but now investors are turning to this sector and Emera. This pays a nice 4% dividend yield that's growing. He's sticking to it. Stable earnings will let you sleep at night during volatility.
(A Top Pick Jul 24/19, Up 8%) A big holding of his. They can generate more and more recurring revenue from assets they've purchased. They're also moving into the cloud. Their stable has become more stable, which has been a knock against OTEX in the past. The multiple on earnings has been very low in the past, but OTEX will close that gap as they report this year. They execute very well.
(A Top Pick Jul 24/19, Up 21%) They're hitting their stride, increasing their cash flow and making wise acquisitions. They're in a recession-proof business (janitorial services)--with high recurring revenues--that will grow in whatever economy. Management has been in this business since the early-80s and are making the right moves.
Investors don't recognize its value. It can grow inorganically in this environment. A solid business that operates medical MRI clinics, the number two player in the U.S. Payout rates have been very stable. Free cash flow will turn around this year. This should do well this year and boasts a lot of upside. Also, a cheap valuation. (Analysts’ price target is $5.69)
Managers have been excellent capital allocators. They stumbled in the last quarter regarding their restoration business, but bad weather made that quarter look worse than it really was. He expects they will grow their restoration business. It's stalled now, so now is a good opportunity to buy. (Analysts’ price target is $134.83)