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(A Top Pick Feb 27/19, Up 8%) A go-to name. They had many good earnings beats. They started to build a stake in a Belgium company, but they sold it and took a profit. ET paid a special dividend, but afterwards the stock dipped. There's still earnings growth here. They're taking market share aware. ET will benefit from Disney and others entering streaming, because ET sets up the equipment to use cloud computing.
(A Top Pick Feb 27/19, Down 6%) They're hurt by weakening European growth. He's not super-worried though, but has trimmed his position. He's bullish about the automation sector in general, so he's staying in ATS. Automation will be key in the future. Expect a few bumpy quarters.
(A Top Pick Feb 27/19, Down 4%) Good to hold long term. It's the first time in a long time we've had wobbly earnings. The packaging space has been beaten hard, but now CCL can make some acquisitions given lower valuations. He's confident that CCL will come back.
It hasn't been getting love. Its business is in the U.S. They've executed very well. They operate MRI and CT scan clinics, as one of the biggest players in the States. They're in a 20% EBITDA business. Aging demographics are a huge tailwind, and Americans prefer going to clinics than pricier hospitals. (Analysts’ price target is $5.92)
orgnic growth and generating free cash flows will gebneat They do janitorial services in malls, disaster recovery and other areas. This will vbe acquired one day. (Analysts’ price target is $32.33)