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Stock Opinions by James Telfser


Believes there are signs of resurgence in industrial & manufacturing activity across the economy. Supply chain issues starting to resolve themselves. Expecting growth will continue globally, as long as inflation doesn't remain high. Upcoming CPI numbers will indicate state of global economy. If inflation rates aren't too high, interests rates may fall. Energy & materials complex starting to lead markets, while technology stocks are lagging. Will continue to own stocks (not selling) despite risk of inflation spike, and risk of recession. 

MDA Ltd.

Very strong company that is a leader within the space satellite sector. Capex investments are starting to payoff as cash flow begins to rise. Expecting company to win large government contracts. Runway for space exploration limitless. Excellent pick for long term investors. 

electrical / electronic
Microsoft Corp

Very strong business with expanding margins. Strong free cash flow. A.I. transformation will be very favorable as company already has good network effects. Excellent array of products. 30x P/E ratio not a concern - expecting further growth. Very large competitive moat that is very hard to compete with. Strong management team that has proven itself at capital allocation. 

computer software / processing
Arc Resources Ltd

One of Canada's largest natural gas producers. Inflation will be good for energy producers. Energy starting to get strength as a sector. Strong sector tailwinds. Company not looking to grow through M&A. Owns assets 100% which is very profitable. Exposure to international pricing - locking in LNG contracts which is very profitable. 

oil / gas
(A Top Pick Apr 13/23, Up 22%)

Very strong business with sticky user base (kids and grownups love video games). Benefited from demand in Japan equities. New products (Switch) coming out which is good for profits. New content with movies will increase demand for products. Stock valuation cheap relative to peers. Good for long term investors - will continue to own shares. Shift in the business - very strong trends. 

entertainment services
Firstservice Corp
(A Top Pick Apr 13/23, Up 12%)

Longtime owner of shares in the company. Will continue to own shares - believes company still fairly valued. Recent M&A activity has been executed well. Expecting further growth in business. Good for long term investors. Strong management team. 

other services
(A Top Pick Apr 13/23, Up 23%)

Darling amongst investors. Fleet management business very fragmented - expecting further consolidation. Large opportunity for organic growth as well. Balance sheet continues to clean up - expecting free cash flow to increase. Core holding that will continue to own. As business continues to perform - expecting share buybacks. 


Recent stock run up has created high valuation. Very good trend overall - but stock is expensive. Over the long term, will be a good investment. Other names in sector available at cheaper valuations (for short term investors). Overall is a quality name. 

electrical / electronic
Ferrari N.V.

High quality company that consistently performs. High multiple on stock, but quality products. Doesn't own shares in company, but thinks highly of the company - follows closely. High demand for products with top price tag. High net worth individuals continue to buy products. Very high margins produce excellent cash flows. 

Manulife Financial

Debating quality of company within investment team. Sees money coming out of financial sector in Canada - going into insurance companies. Not overly positive on direction of business. If expectations for rate cuts continues - will be good for business. Would recommend investors to hold the position. 

Airboss of America

Company performing very well. Rubber products very profitable. US growth continues with defensive spending. Management team performing well with good strategic review. Expecting company to focus on traditional rubber compounding business - will increase cash flows. 

transportation equip & components
Heroux-Devtek Inc.

Very strong Canadian company that doesn't get enough attention from the markets. Last quarter starting to prove business prospects. Landing gear in very high demand within airline sector. Trading at discount to other names in the sector. Very high barriers to entry within the business. Margins continue to expand - will be good for cash flow. Balance sheet very strong with cheap valuation. 

misc industrial products
Finning Int

Very good time to buy company. Good exposure to commodity cycle. Stock valuation very cheap. Has been buying shares recently. Strong financials with good balance sheet, and management team. 

wholesale distributors
Exchange Income

Good business with strong fundamentals. Continues to win large government contracts. Confident stock will perform over the long term. Would investors to hold company for the long term. 

Transportation & Environmental Services
Emera Inc

Strong commodity without the problems of other companies in sector. Very stable business that has exposure to interest rates - but continues to execute well. 

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