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(A Top Pick Apr 24/18, Up 21%) Organic growth is 9-11% annually for the least few years, excluding acquisitions. Impressive. They just had a great quarter. They're doing the right things and setting themselves up to be the premiere benefits company.
(A Top Pick Apr 24/18, Up 15%) Still loves it. It's hitting 52-week highs and many good quarters. Offers decent growth as it pays a 5% dividend. Insiders own a lot of stock. They invest a lot in R&D. Expect big growth.
(A Top Pick Apr 24/18, Up 30%) They hit the right trends at the right time with trade, tariffs and logistics. They've made more acquisitions to augment growth, raised equity and are smart managers. This sector has secular tailwinds.
Just bought it. Multiple expansion could expend even further as lower interest rates encourage investors to buy predictable revenue streams (6-7% growth) and dividend growth (5%) like EMA. Pays a 5% dividend. 95% of this business is regulated, so there'll be consistent earnings. And they're in the Florida market. Also, ESG investing is picking up, and EMA ranks highly here.
It's trading near 52-week highs, though held back a little compared to its peers. This will change given their focus on the cloud and maybe an acqusition. They will grow around 5% organically. They will buy back a lot of stock. Their Google partnership in the cloud holds great potential. Trades at 11x EBITDA vs. 17x peers. (Analysts’ price target is $59.97)