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(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Up 35%) They've hit on e-commerce, transportation, tariffs, all these catalysts. It's run further than he thought, so there's momentum now. He's waiting for a better entry point for this. It's solid and well-run. Probably a long runway ahead.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Up 14%) He will hold this for a long time. They're in the right space now. They have no problem raising money and buying back shares and raising dividends. BAM is a little more volatile than most utilities, but overall solid.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Down 9%) A disappointment. It's a growth by acquisition story, but they couldn't keep up with labour costs. He sold. Had some weak quarters.
A new holding of his. It's a defensive stock. Trading at a reasonable 18x multiple. Several catalysts hitting them at once. Boasts nice 4-5% earnings and 6-7% earnings growth. (Analysts’ price target is $52.07)
An underloved Canadian software stock that is now focusing on the cloud, reducing lumpiness in their business. Trading at 11x EBITDA vs. peers at 17-18x. They close the valuation gap. (Analysts’ price target is $60.91)