James Telfser
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(A Top Pick Jun 03/20, Up 68%) Finally getting traction with investors. Great CEO. Building up presence in higher end pharma space. Great story, good backlog. He'd still buy it here.
(A Top Pick Jun 03/20, Up 24%) Suffering because supply chain issues should flow through to revenue, but that's taking longer. #1 company that helps companies fix supply chain issues on the fly. Will have a great few years ahead.
(A Top Pick Jun 03/20, Up 55%) Great business. Involved in so many industries with secular growth. Underlevered balance sheet, so they'll be able to take advantage of opportunities.
Specialty insurance. Spun out of one of the Brookfields. US business, called fronting, is very exciting, and it crosses state lines. Growth profile is fantastic. High and growing ROEs, growing access to capital, dynamic CEO. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $178.13)
Protective equipment, including for US military, where they have a strong presence. Winning massive contracts, broad pipeline. Undervalued compared to peers. Once they get over 1B market cap, re-rating should follow, as institutions get interested. The pullback presents a good opportunity. Yield is 1.23%. (Analysts’ price target is $48.60)