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(A Top Pick Jan 22/20, Up 3%) Operates MRI clinics in the US. Hurt by pandemic in organic revenue growth, but managed well through it. Still a great story.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/20, Up 44%) Continues to impress. Management team is one of top 10 in Canada. Renovations are a great tailwind for them. Property management is stable source of revenue. Great balance sheet. Keep holding.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/20, Down 8%) Sexier areas of the market pulled money away from the boring companies. Over the next decade, sees a fantastic R&D pipeline of cancer drugs. Tremendous cashflow will be deployed in R&D and acquisitions to augment their growth profile. Stick with it to collect the dividend with some slow growth.
At an inflection point. Technology, right clinics, and right billing cycle to drive free cashflow, which is the lifeblood to being a consolidation play. US institutions are interested in it. Demographics are in their favour, a massive tailwind. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $5.24)
Also at an inflection point. Massive beat recently. Capex spending on plants, making acquisitions in e-commerce. Expecting 5-6% earnings growth, which will drive the multiple. Free cashflow in 2021 will be fantastic. Yield is 3.51%. (Analysts’ price target is $28.50)