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(A Top Pick Oct 15/19, Up 20%) Operates MRI clinics in the US. Now second largest in the US. Can consolidate and grow. Substantial margins in the mid-20s. Impressive management team. Still likes it at these levels.
(A Top Pick Oct 15/19, Up 32%) Janitorial services. Fragmented industry. Biggest in Canada. Clean balance sheet. Pandemic has created massive demand. Lots of tailwinds.
(A Top Pick Oct 15/19, Up 3%) Similar to FTS. Moving to a larger renewable, regulated base. Steady revenue and dividend growth. Will see steady multiple expansion.
Very interesting opportunity. Automating production in healthcare and battery production. World is looking to lower costs and bring some processes onshore. Backlog is growing. Right place at right time. Stock's unreasonably down 20% this year. Great management executing well. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $25.50)
Four main players, but Otis has lots more emerging market exposure. EMs have come out of the pandemic faster. Covid will necessitate some technology changes, and those are in Otis' wheelhouse. Solid business with good margins for the long-term. Yield is 1.24%. (Analysts’ price target is $66.36)