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Likes the e-commerce idea. However, the US based companies are very expensive. BABA has 46% 5 year average annual growth. China continues to become more wealthy. In many ways, the disconnect between US and Chinese valuation may be catching up. (Analysts’ price target is $328.36)
The company is effectively a global tax on industrial production. They provide CO2 for sodas, oxygen to hospitals, hydrogen for steel, etc. The dividend continues to grow at 10%+ per annum. A slow and steady company that is very defensive. (Analysts’ price target is $284.19)
The global leader in med-tech space by revenue. It has increased dividends for 42 consecutive years. 9.4% total return for the last 5 years. Benefits from the aging demographics. Does a lot of tuck in acquisitions. The top line is growing at 9% in the last 10 years. (Analysts’ price target is $128.84)
(A Top Pick Jan 13/20, Down 5%) A play in payroll in the US. The company has increased dividends for 45 consecutive years. Effectively the same as Visa in terms of payment processing. Buy when it's on sale. A great company and a core holding. Would add on weakness.
(A Top Pick Jan 13/20, Down 29%) UK regulators came out and said banks cannot pay dividends. There were lawsuits in Hong Kong over this. Sold it and got out. The exposure is great but you cannot plan for regulators to do this.