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(A Top Pick May 11/18, Down 28%) New managment has cut the dividend and restructured, but he sold when it got into SEC trouble. The company will stick around long-term, but it's too messy now. If you bought at the bottom, you've made money.
(A Top Pick May 11/18, Up 24%) It has good US exposure. Don't expect acquisitions. This will be slow and steady, and the dividend will gradually rise. A good place to be when the interest rate is cut.
(A Top Pick May 11/18, Up 8%) They're a global aggregator of infrastructure assets here, Germany and especially the UK where Brexit has hurt the story. They need to do another acquisition. Strong balance sheet boasting dividend growth. Good long-term value.
Their business is optimized at below-$50/barrel oil while energy prices are slowing creeping higher. Safe dividend over 5% and there's growth ahead. (Analysts’ price target is $50.32)
You get 7-8% return with share buybacks. A good chart. Prices are rising in the insurance business (Munch provides insurance to insurance companies). This rarely dips, so now is a good time. (Analysts’ price target is $212.13)