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(A Top Pick Mar 05/20, Up 2%) Results yesterday. Net debt fell significantly. Chocolate is a growth business. As countries get richer, they tend to buy chocolate. Continues to like it and buy it.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/20, Up 15%) World class. Focusing on dividend yield through share buybacks. Global best of breed. Well managed. Reliable over the years.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/20, Up 71%) The market initially didn't pick up on the value of the streaming. If you own it, you may want to trim or look for a better entry point. A long-term hold for him. The franchise is not impaired.
Best of breed. Work from home will continue even after vaccines, and this will create opportunities for ACN. Organic growth plus tuck-in acquisitions. Spread across government and healthcare. Great story, dividend growth. Yield is 1.37%. (Analysts’ price target is $278.52)
Dividend growth of 57 consecutive years. 3 divisions, plus vaccine rollout. Operates like a tax on the consumer. Continues to tick along. Possible acquisitions, especially on the device side. Yield is 2.56%. (Analysts’ price target is $183.68)