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(A Top Pick Nov 08/18, Down 2%) Still bullish on the company. Any international operations come back tax free since it is based in Hong Kong. They hold Husky, and Park and Fly among other things. A substantial portion of holdings are in the UK as well. They grow their dividends and with a resolution for Brexit and Hong Kong, it should grow.
(A Top Pick Nov 08/18, Up 20%) Longer term, if you think the economy will soften, it is a good place to be. There could be more upside. It's a good choice to sleep well at night with a nice dividend. It's a quality company at a discount still.
(A Top Pick Nov 08/18, Up 4%) They spun off the asset management business in the UK that was a 3.7B pound deal. Typically, you see what happens with the spin out and sell it if you like it. There is some upside. Their Hong Kong headquarters is growing very strongly. US operations are growing well too. With Brexit and Hong Kong issues resolved, the business could grow even more.
Old state oil based in Norway. A European supermajor. They recently tapped a new lake of oil. Refined cost of oil is sub $20. The dividend is great with an attractive value.
They have headquarters in Hong Kong with pan-Asian operations. There is a presence in the UK as well. The company is family owned since the 80s. The dividend has been raised consistently and is an Asian blue chip at a discount.