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(A Top Pick Sep 06/19, Up 12%) Likes it and its 5G exposure. Sold because it didn't hold up well during the March 23 selloff, and likely wouldn't do so again. Fairly valued at these levels. If it got into the $15-20 range, he'd be a buyer again.
(A Top Pick Sep 06/19, Down 4%) Escalation of issues in Hong Kong, plus low interest rates, so it was time to move on.
(A Top Pick Sep 06/19, Up 7%) Likes the sector. Opportunity now, as it's heavily oversold. Take a look at the category and add a second name.
Raised dividend for 57 years. Nice balance between drug business, consumer products, and diagnostics. Likely to see acquisitions in consumer and diagnostics. A beneficiary of the post-Covid environment. Long-term exposure to a global healthcare leader. Good valuation. Continued performance. Yield is 2.08%. (Analysts’ price target is $163.63)
Structural growth story for 3-5 years. Great exposure in US, with growing international presence. Really likes management. Healthy dividend that has grown at 9%. Yield is 2.09%. (Analysts’ price target is $39.11)