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(A Top Pick Jan 08/19, Up 29%) There are only 3 major competitors. It is a play on industrial production and on consumption. It is a good stock to hold longer term.
(A Top Pick Jan 08/19, Up 32%) This was a catch up story and it had an attractive dividend. It is still attractive for those that don't want to buy bonds or preferred shares.
(A Top Pick Jan 08/19, Up 13%) We are starting to see a bit of a recovery in the oil price and in the demand. This is an interesting company to watch.
A global leader in payroll. It is a dividend aristocrat. While the economy is relatively buoyant we will see continued growth. If you see it in a sell off then it is one to pickup. (Analysts’ price target is $177.33)
It had the BREXIT overhang as well as the Hong Kong overhang. It has had a remarkable recovery. He thinks there is upside here. You can buy it here and just leave it for a while and it will continue to grow. It has raised its dividend for the last 15 years. They could always move their head quarters to Singapore. The political overhang is somewhat of a nonsense story because the income is coming from surrounding countries. It is providing an entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $45.82)