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(A Top Pick Sep 11/18, Down 8%) This was a political overlay that got caught up with the Brexit issues. The balance sheet is better than Canadian banks. He thinks they could increase dividends and begin to buyback shares. At these levels, this is an attractive story. A corporate bank that does well internationally. He would continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Sep 11/18, Up 41%) Consumer staples have continued to do well and he thinks this has become extended. One of the largest components in global ETFs. At these levels he might take profit around here.
(A Top Pick Sep 11/18, Down 22%) An offshore oil service company. Any subsea work done 300 metres or lower, there are only three companies in the world. They are buying back shares. A very good company that is caught in the oil price collapse. He would continue to hold.
A company that is into industrial glass and pays a decent dividend. They are doing a share buyback. A low-beta company that is safe and steady. Yield 2.81% (Analysts’ price target is $34.59)
They have operations in London, Hong Kong, and the US. The Brexit situation and issues in Hong Kong have allowed for a great entry point. They are spinning off the UK asset management business, that will create a special dividend payout later this year. Yield 2.29% (Analysts’ price target is $22.01)