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Manufacturer and seller of cornstarch. Has about $.50 per share of cash so you are paying about 5X earnings. Likes the growth in revenues over the last 3 years. Will earn about $.13 per share this year.
Software manufacturer for communication providers. Provide 3 areas including network access, entitlement control and subscriber management.
(A Top Pick April 4/08.) 2nd quarter earnings were $.61 per unit for that quarter alone. Thinks they can earn $2 per unit this year, which is well under 10X earnings. Adding more and more production facilities. Still a Buy.
A contract based global diamond drilling company. About 56% is in Mexico. Between 2006 and 2007, mineral exploration companies have raised about $30 billion and expect they will now have to drill their properties. 155% increase in revenues last quarter at $4.4 million. Expect to see earnings ramp up in Q2 and into Q3.
Provides down hole drilling tools, primarily for oil/gas directional drilling. Drills are considered the most reliable in the industry. Very good Q1 with eight cents in its first quarter. Thinks it can earn $.18 to $.20 this year.