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A consolidator of agricultural dealerships. John Deere is their focus but also have 5 Bobcat dealerships. Farmers are buying new equipment because all their input costs are becoming more expensive.
Rents portable housing to the oil/gas industry. Have long-term contracts. Benefiting from the tar sands opportunities in Alberta. Year-end results look very strong. Expects about $50 million in consolidated revenues for 08. Payout ratio of only about 57%.
Supply airborne surveys for primarily the mining industry. Has had some very good growth. Recently did an acquisition that expanded their technology from a rotary type business to a fixed wing business. Leading edge technology. Very profitable. Last quarter exceeded his expectations. He is looking for $47 million in sales next year with $.18 in earnings. Trades at about 19X forward earnings.
Has been a growth story based on supplying software to the mining industry to help them with working with smaller workforces and maximize the mineral deposits. Cash flow positive. Good top line growth. Made an acquisition in the last year to help diversify their business.