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Based in Chile. Largest, lowest cost producer of potassium nitrate, lithium carbonate and iodine. Potassium nitrate is more valuable and stable than potash and very important fertilizing. Lithium carbonate used for powering small electronics and possibly future electric vehicles. Iodine is needed for medical purposes, especially radiation treatment. Possible takeover target.
Global engineering, construction and power equipment. Very exposed to energy, particularly in building refineries and petrochemical complexes. Builds the largest clean coal plants globally because of their technology. Had a lot of trouble when they acquired a lot of companies and created a lot of debt 6 - 7 years ago. Contracts are now starting to flow again.
(French exchange) French outsource catering services and facility management. Also has a voucher business. It is important to have secular growth companies in any portfolio. Grows year in, year out regardless of the economic cycle.
(A Top Pick June 29/09. Up 22%.) Great infrastructure story that is going to continue to grow. Generated 114% ROE last year. Incredibly cheap. Great management. 6% yield. When they convert they will continue as a dividend paying Corp. with effectively the same yield.
(A Top Pick June 29/09. Down 7.3%.) Thought the growth margins would start gravitating back towards 30% and last quarter they did. If you X out all the unusual items they did about $.13. They will do about $.50 so this is one of the cheapest stocks out there.