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(A Top Pick March 16/11. Up 110.31%.) This is the dominant carrier in New Zealand. Smart phones are producing a lot of revenue for the carriers. Have a policy that when they are making money, 90% of it goes to shareholders.
(A Top Pick March 16/11. Up 23.44%.) South Korean game maker.
(A Top Pick March 16/11. Up 0.91%.) New Jersey regional bank. Originally liked because of the lack of exposure to consumer real estate but more to the hospitality industry. Turns out those loans also had nasty write-downs. Now making good progress on getting bad loans off the books. Commercial lending has improved. Well capitalized.
Sells the equipment to broadcasters, radio and TV, and is also in the digital cinema. Last year was not great for movies and audience numbers were the worst since 1995. Broadcasters have generally been cautious on spending. He is hoping it will pick up around the London Olympics.
Probably pretty fairly valued right and $.81. Company has disappointed investors frequently. Last year had record revenues but still lost money. They need to figure out how to improve margins. Environment right now is very good as farmers have had excellent incomes over the last couple of years and can afford the product. They need to figure out how to sell into that market for a more consistent profit.