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This may be one of the best 2 or 3 stories in Canada. They rent oil drilling equipment to the oil/gas companies and get a day rate. They are going to double the drills which could double the revenue, but not doubling the share count. Gross yield of about 7.4%.
An exploration oil & gas company in the Republic of Georgia. They are doing a base level of infill drilling that will support the stock with $0.60 of cash flow. Also doing exploration plays for the big stuff which is risky.
Has Global Positioning that helps farmers plant their crops, a good core stable business. Also has a growth driver, Fixed Line Wireless, which has great margins and great growth. Teamed up with Motorola to penetrate 3rd world countries. Thinks they can double their earnings growth over the next year.
Investors should be in "growth" income trusts rather than just for distributions. This is a growth trust and expected to grow 20% for the next several years.
Refineries in the US are at about 97% capacity. One of the very few refineries that can handle sulfur. Will probably have a spike of $10 in earnings and $14/15 in cash flow. If oil drops, the stock will sell off a bit which would be the time to buy.