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Just got new management which announced that they want to be more transparent and move forward. When you are dealing with a $0.04 company on the Venture Exchange that has nominal revenues, you are looking at hope and potentially hype. Risk is very, very high.

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(A Top Pick Jan 27/12. Down 89.47%.) Have plastic moulding technology that was developed at Magna (MG-T) and were using it to build mobile homes out of plastic composites. Had a big contract with the Haitian government but lost the contract. As soon as this happened, he got stopped out of the stock.

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Really likes the potential. The hydro forming technology, which was developed out of Magna, is being applied to transportation and now into housing. Announced some contracts with Haiti for some mobile housing but those contracts have been delayed. They built their plant which is now operational but don't have the revenue that they had expected. It is now a show me story.
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Doesn't have enough history for him to be able to look at the 3 and 5 year numbers. Have a very interesting product that is being used globally. If they're successful in getting a build out, it will be beneficial. The challenge at the moment is that the median estimate for Sept/13 is a loss of $0.02. He would wait for a visible backlog and earnings to start to appear
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Really, Really small company, $1 million last year. Not a pretty balance sheet.
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Part of this company is involved in plastics and part of that is involved in making mastic houses. Have potential contracts including Haiti and others. Expected to lose $.06 in 2012 and to improve to a very large $.17 in September 2013. People are actually waiting for the sales and deliveries to start.
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Announced a contract to provide some shelters to Haiti but the contract has been delayed. At this point, he feels it is a bit of a “show me“ story. Still likes. Has huge potential.
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Hydro forming plastics technology patent was bought from Magna (MG-T) and is being used to manufacture low-cost modular shelters, which solves all the issues of deterioration, flame retardant, pest controlled and water leakage. Won a $60 million contract for shelters in Haiti and are in the process of bidding with the Clinton Global Initiative on a $4 billion contract. Recently won a contract in Brazil for low-cost housing. Target of $2-$3.
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