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(A Top Pick Dec 24/18, Up 39%) He liked the CEO, but they are replacing him. The case with Apple goes to trial in January. They have a guaranteed $10 million win, but could be as high as $100 million. A clean balance sheet. Yield 5%
(A Top Pick Dec 24/18, Down 21%) He still owns this. About every three years this stock seems to have a major upward spike. It has missed the cycle this go round. The company is into digitization. They need to do something that is news worthy. They are in too many fields for his liking. He will continue to hold it and wait.
(A Top Pick Dec 24/18, Up 23%) They had sold off their resource and energy components. They are holding only the wealth management business. He still has them on his list, but he is not sure how things will go forward. The Richardson family may not have the best interests of investors in mind. Less clarity on this one going forward.
He has owned this a long time. They cut the dividend by half and then eliminated it. This killed the stock price. The cut will save $14 million in cash flow. They have cut staff and they are getting hurt by events in the energy sector. They have $1.6 billion in back log and refinanced their debt. This could be a 10-bagger, or it could go bankrupt. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $1.73)
He paid $8.32 and thinks it could double from here. Insiders own about 6% and he thinks they will increase the dividend. A small bank based in Alabama with an acquisition that gets them into Virginia. Has tremendous upside potential from here. Yield 1.09%