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(A Top Pick Apr 18/18, Down 28%) Still would buy it. Likes their special dividend at end-2018 and they have started a regular 2.5-cent dividend. Revenues were down last quarter $38.5 million, but things will improve going forward. They report soon. He likes this a lot. Their oil/gas is doing better, but not cryptos. They're getting big into cannabis. Someone could take them over, because the cannabis space is palatable, thereofre GMP is. However, some of their top people are being poached by other companies.
(A Top Pick Apr 18/18, Down 65%) There could still be a takeover. Their revenues are way down while debt has gone way up. He's moved on.
(A Top Pick Apr 18/18, Down 53%) Likes them a lot. He's added to his position. It's a driller. They have better products in the U.S. Good manager and little debt. Oil/gas prices have moved up which could help CET.
They're in the mobile home space in the oil/gas field, and have branched into education. Had revenues of $385 million in 2014, then fell to $166 million in 2017 and has risen some then. Lost $11 million last quarter. They will regain some of their mojo; two of their projects have approval including one in Kitamat and the coastal gas link. If all First Nations tribes approve (he hopes), it will go through. (Analysts’ price target is $3.16)
They lost some money. Revenues will fall in Q1 and maybe also Q2 that could extend the loss, but they expect revenues this year to be higher than in 2018. He likes managerment. They've paid a dividend of 12 cents for 31 straight quarters until they cut it. Activist investors are looking to see SOX sold. (Analysts’ price target is $5.10)