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(A Top Pick Feb 19/19, Down 18%) They are morphing, selling off their energy equity business and moving into wealth management only. He still likes it and owns it. At some point it may become a take out target.
(A Top Pick Feb 19/19, Up 19%) He still likes this and it is on his buy list. They have raised the dividend again. They have not diluted shares. He likes the management team and could see this one doubling still.
(A Top Pick Feb 19/19, Down 67%) He took it off the buy list a while ago. They have paid down their debt load, but their revenues from drilling in the Permian are dropping. He hopes a new management team will help. A high risk - high reward scenario. He will continue to hold it.
A lawsuit with Apple resulted in $85.3 million settlement in their favour, but it is not all settled yet -- it could take years. All three of their divisions are earning well, but earnings are lumpy. Earnings come out February 27. They are searching for a new CEO. They have $70 million in the bank, which may lead to a special dividend. Yield 2.66% (Analysts’ price target is $2.43)
He bought in when the dividend was over 9%, only to see them eliminate it and the stock got killed. Their revenues are going down, but he has faith as the management team is looking to make it lean and mean. Their backlog has gone up. They are not out of the woods and could see this going into double-digits in price. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $1.74)