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(A Top Pick Dec 20/18, Down 16%) It's been tough for the energy producers. It had a nice pop last year but it came back. He thinks it makes it to the other side as it has a strong balance sheet. We'll see what happens. The framework for regulatory in this sector is not getting any better.
(A Top Pick Dec 20/18, Up 61%) He still likes this one. See his top picks today. It is getting closer to fair value here. He is still positive on precious metals over the long term. This one is more expensive than in 2000. The global economy has peaked and is in the process of rolling over.
(A Top Pick Dec 20/18, Down 40%) It had a good turn in January. Beaten down stocks can have a nice bounce in January.
A specialty pharma company. Their biggest product is a dermatology product. They had a failed US expansion but that is gone now. They finally reported a decent quarter. The company is up for sale. A product was just approved by Health Canada. He thinks it is easily worth more than $2 a share. (Analysts’ price target is $2.31)
It is a play in the huge Mongolian copper mine. They have another year and a half of liquidity. There are concerns that they cannot come up with their share of the CAP-X. It got deleted from the TSX index. The quality of the asset is not in question. There is also tax loss selling and it is now oversold. There should be a pretty good bounce in the stock. (Analysts’ price target is $1.44)